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How Ryan Lochte’s endorsement deal with Debt.com will turn around his flailing career


Olympian Ryan Lochte’s deal with Florida based personal finance company Debt.com has remained one of the most talked-about stories this year. The company helps people who are undergoing difficult financial struggles to have a fresh start. The deal is about second chances and offers the disgraced athlete an opportunity to turn around his career, which was threatened by an unfortunate mistake that happened during the 2016 Rio Olympics.

ryan lochteThe celebrated swimmer has had a hugely successful career. He is a 12-time Olympic medalist, which is not a mean feat by all standards. Nonetheless, this success was almost overshadowed by an unethical act involving an incident during the Rio Olympics when he claimed to have been a robbery victim. The discovery of his lies made him lose major endorsement deals besides being labelled an attention seeker. This put him on the brink of financial ruin.


Lochte’s Fall From Grace

By offering an endorsement deal to Lochte, Debt.com clearly demonstrated that it lives up to its mantra, which is to offer second chances to disgraced individuals. Lochte expressed his delight with the endorsement while stressing that it will help him focus on recapturing his lost glory. The celebrated swimmer rose to global prominence during the Beijing and London Olympics. His endeavors saw him become a household name across the world. He also stood out for his knack for personal promotion, media savviness, and good looks, which catapulted him into global superstardom.

Like many other disgraced elite athletes, the swimmer was not spared the wrath of the media when the Rio controversy emerged. This even made his staunch fans to lose the adoration that they once had for him. During the Rio Olympics, he claimed that he was robbed alongside three teammates at gunpoint despite the fact that no such incident took place. This false claim landed him in trouble with Brazilian authorities and event organizers who thought that he was out to add toxicity to the event. He was subsequently banned for ten months from the sport besides losing lucrative endorsement deals.


Lochte Rebounds and Swims For Gold Thanks to Debt.com

Ryan’s ill-advised decision to lie about the robbery incident not only blemished his outstanding career but also turned his life upside down. With Debt.com coming to his rescue at a time when other corporates chose to keep off, Lochte is likely to have an easier rebound from his self-imposed adversity. The partnership will give the swimmer an ample opportunity to rebuild his career and relationship with his supporters. On the other hand, Debt.com will have the opportunity to work with a relatable brand ambassador who justly deserves the second chance offered to him.


What Are the Details of the Deal?

It has emerged that Lochte will be giving away a significant percentage of income generated from the endorsement to the Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy charity. Unlike other endorsement companies that always drop individuals who are involved in such incidents, Debt.com offers them a chance to make amends and put the mistakes behind them. Besides promoting the personal financing company, the deal will see Lochte make television appearances marketing America as the land of opportunities.

Observers regard Lochte as a perfect “poster boy” as far as second chances are concerned. This is because when the public knew about the swimmer’s drunken antics in Rio, he was judged harshly. Nonetheless, many people sympathized with him because they pondered what they would have done had they been caught up in a similar situation. Therefore, the endorsement deal shows that everyone deserves a second chance regardless of what heralded their fall from grace.

This is not the first time that Debt.com is giving someone a second chance. The company has given many people a second chance at life for a long time. By bringing Lochte under its wing, the firm’s profile is likely to grow in coming months. This will see it reach more people who need to get out of debt and other personal predicaments.


How Lochte is Taking Advantage of Opportunity

“Lochte Rebounds and Swims for Gold Thanks to Debt.com” has been a popular news headline since details of the endorsement deal where made public. In as much as it may take considerable time for the disgraced Olympian to win back his fans’ adoration, he is already winning hearts, more so with the way he has owned up to his mistakes. Since he is renowned for having a flair for personal branding, it is expected that Lochte will use the opportunity wisely and win over more of his fans.



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