Home Poll: 113th Congress is worst ever

Poll: 113th Congress is worst ever


We generally don’t like Congress. Now we can change the adverb to historically. A new CNN/ORC International poll released Thursday has us ranking the 113th Congress as the worst in our lifetimes.

congressThe news might be that 28 percent disagree with that idea. This Congress, after all, is responsible for shutting down government in the midst of an economic recovery, blocking scores of presidential appointments without debate and passing less than 60 bills into law over the past 12 months

Little wonder, then, that 73 percent of those surveyed say that the current Congress “has done nothing to solve the country’s problems.

Again, the news might be the 25 percent on this one who apparently think that this Congress has done something to solve problems, given the record.

The blame isn’t being put on one party or the other, but both: 52 percent worry about the direction that Democratic leaders would take country into, and 54 percent worry about the direction that Republican leaders would chart for us.



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