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Robert Hurt: Federal, state, local cooperation is key

As has been the case for far too long, it is clear that Washington is still too often standing in the way of a robust economic recovery.

Ken Plum: Reinvigorating Virginia’s economy

Virginia is well on its way to economic recovery for many families, but working families across the state are telling me and other legislators that they feel like the recession never ended.

robert hurt

Robert Hurt: A New Year, a new Congress

As this year comes to a close, so too does the 113th Congress. I believe that we as a country have much to look forward to as a new year and a new 114th Congress begin.

Bob Goodlatte: Time to build the Keystone pipeline

You’ve probably heard the old phrase, “good things come to those who wait.” Well, the American people have been waiting over six years for the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

robert hurt

Robert Hurt: A renewed opportunity to forge a brighter future

It is a great honor to represent Fifth District Virginians in Congress, and I am grateful for and humbled by the opportunity to continue serving you for the next two years.

Bob Goodlatte: A real economic recovery

Job creators in the Sixth District and throughout the nation have the drive and innovative ideas to grow the economy. They deserve a real economic recovery.

Warner Senate campaign raises issue with another Gillespie attack TV ad

The Mark Warner Senate campaign raised issue with another Ed Gillespie campaign TV attack ad on Thursday.

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Robert Hurt: Senate inaction prevents strong economic recovery

As I spoke with constituents throughout the district this month, the most common theme, as I have heard so many times before, is the need for Congress to pass jobs bills that will promote economic growth in our communities.

robert hurt

Robert Hurt: A bipartisan effort to protect private property rights

The lack of private property rights protections has led to increased costs and complications for landowners when attempting to build docks or other structures on their land and also impacts property values.

Ed Gillespie announces economic plan

In a conference call today, Ed Gillespie announced The Ed Gillespie Agenda for Economic Growth (EG²).

The Serbia privatization challenge

A political earthquake shook Serbia on March 16, 2014. The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) of Alexander Vucic took 48.6% of the popular vote in general elections and secured 63% of the seats in Parliament.

Mark Warner response to GOP leaders on budget impasse

I continue to believe last October’s federal government shutdown was an affront to the taxpayers and our federal workforce, and it represented a self-inflicted wound that caused additional damage to our fragile economic recovery.

robert hurt

Robert Hurt: House plan to balance budget, grow economy, protect taxpayers

Just as we have done each of the last four years, the House of Representatives approved an annual budget focused on setting a course for our nation and its future. The Path to Prosperity budget puts us on a path to fiscal sustainability so we can preserve the promise of this great country for our children and grandchildren.

robert hurt

Congressman Robert Hurt questions Federal Reserve Chair Yellen on monetary policy

Congressman Robert Hurt (R-Va.) released the following statement after the Committee on Financial Services held a hearing on Tuesday entitled, “Monetary Policy and the State of the Economy.”

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Tim Kaine comments on unemployment insurance vote

U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine released a statement after a minority of senators blocked a vote on passage of emergency unemployment insurance legislation on Tuesday.

Poll: 113th Congress is worst ever

We generally don’t like Congress. Now we can change the adverb to historically. A new CNN/ORC International poll released Thursday has us ranking the 113th Congress as the worst in our lifetimes. The news might be that 28 percent disagree with that idea. This Congress, after all, is responsible for shutting down government in the midst of an economic recovery.

Eric Shinseki: What veterans deserve

Last month, President Obama awarded the Medal of Honor to former Captain William D. Swenson, United States Army, for heroism and gallantry above and beyond the call of duty in the Battle of the Ganjgal Valley on Sept. 8, 2009. At the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), we are honored to walk amongst, as well as work with, such heroes every day.

Tim Kaine, Mark Warner urge congressional budget conferees to do job

U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine called on his colleagues on the bipartisan Budget Conference Committee to “surprise the cynics” to compromise and agree on a federal budget for 2013-2014. Senate colleague Mark Warner said at the body’s first meeting on Wednesday that he wants to end the recent fiscal practice of lurching from crisis to crisis.

Dems urge McDonnell to come back to reality on economic recovery

The Democratic Party of Virginia today urged Bob McDonnell to focus on his job as governor and less on making tortured and patently absurd efforts to explain the nationwide economic recovery as anything other than a reflection on President Barack Obama’s strong leadership. On Sunday Bob McDonnell went on CNN’s State of the Union and […]

AAA: Gas prices at 10-month low

Gas prices remain stable two weeks ahead of the year-end holiday travel period, which is welcome news for cash-strapped motorists juggling holiday shopping and travel plans in the coming weeks. U.S. gasoline prices today are lower than they have been since day 10 of the Libyan civil war (Feb. 24, 2011). The national average for […]

AAA: Gas prices might be on decline through end of year

Despite reaching the highest level ever for a Thanksgiving holiday weekend (averaging $3.31), gas prices continue their decline that began in mid-October and will likely continue in the week ahead, if not through the remainder of the year. Thenational average for regular grade gasoline dropped 2 cents this week to $3.29 Friday.  Prices are 14 […]

Surprise! Gas prices dropping heading into holiday travel weekend

Although gas prices are at their highest level ever for this time of year, prices at the pump dropped slightly this week as they have for the past few weeks, bringing relief to many who are preparing to take to the roads for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Thenational average for regular grade gasoline dropped […]

Gas prices inching upward heading into Thanksgiving

Gas prices are at their highest level ever for this time of year, a time when prices at the pump typically fall.  Just two weeks out from the Thanksgiving holiday, motorists are left wondering what will happen to gas prices leading up to the busiest travel holiday of the year. Thenational average for regular grade […]

Positive economic news could boost gas prices

Despite a roller-coaster week for crude oil, gas prices remained relatively steady this week, even dropping a few pennies in some areas.  The national average for regular grade gasoline dropped 2 cents this week to $3.45 Friday.  Prices remain 2 cents below month ago prices.  Prices remain 64 cents higher than year ago prices, yet […]

Gas prices inch upward for second straight week

Earlier this month gas prices were falling at about 1-cent per day and were expected to continue their decline through the autumn and early winter months.  However, over the past two weeks prices at the pump have shifted gears, rising at the rate of about 1-cent per day or even more in some areas.  In […]