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Meet ALTA: Oticon’s most advanced hearing device gets personal


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Did you know that the amazing capacity of our brains enables each of us to respond to sound in our own unique and personal way? The way we hear is shaped by our daily experiences, lifestyle and our individual physical and psychological composition.

After many years of research, Oticon has developed the new Alta, their most technologically advanced hearing solution currently available. Alta works in harmony with the individual way your brain processes sound, so it’s entirely personalized.

Alta’s micro-brain is more powerful and more adjustable than anything Oticon has ever engineered. Its advanced wireless signal processing system supports features that guard speech, help you focus your hearing, orient you in a room and improve clarity, even in difficult hearing situations.

But advanced new technology is only part of the story. Through a new, more individualized hearing evaluation process, your hearing care professional can actually program your unique hearing ability, lifestyle and speech preferences into Alta’s sound processing chip — down to an incredible level of detail. This information tells Alta how to react automatically to the different hearing situations you encounter in the course of a day.

Whether it’s a conversation in a car, lunch with friends in a noisy restaurant, a football game, a concert, a TV show, a business meeting, or quiet time at home, Alta knows how you want it handled and makes it easier for you to organize, select and follow the sounds you want to hear. And Alta’s settings can always be adjusted at the same high level of detail, as your hearing needs change.

This powerful solution also works with the technologies you use every day. ConnectLine™ lets your Alta function as a wireless headset for a wide range of Bluetooth™ enabled devices, such as your TV, telephone, computer, MP3 player and cell phone. Oticon’s convenient Streamer Pro is a simple, portable device that puts ConnectLine’s intuitive controls at your fingertips. Alta can be further customized to fit your personal style with a range of options to match your hair or skin tone. Or select from colors that can make a fashion statement.

Contact Hearing Healthcare of Virginia today at (888) 512-1164 to learn more about Alta, and schedule your free hearing screening. Print your coupon for $200 off online at http://www.hearvirginia.com/hearing-info/free-evaluation/



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