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‘Mania meltdown


I plunked down my $54.99 for WrestleMania 27 – surprised first off by the price, second by how long it took me to get through to Comcast (I called at 6:30, a half-hour before the show was scheduled to begin, and finally got through at 7:30, a half-hour in).

I’d say the general underwhelming feeling about the show after probably wasn’t a surprise.

One good match made it somewhat palatable – the Undertaker-Triple H grudge match that went nearly a half-hour and included a run of highspots and to me the unexpected finish of ‘Taker continuing his WM winning streak at 19-0.

(I figured if anybody is ever going to break the streak, it would be the boss’ son-in-law.)

The rest – er, um, not impressed at all would be a good way to sum it up.

The celebrity interludes (Snoop Doggy Dogg, Snooki, Pee Wee Herman) were typical wastes of the McMahon largesse for a WrestleMania. And the main event, which ended with a double-countout between John Cena and WWE champ The Miz that was overturned by WrestleMania host The Rock so that The Rock could deliver a Rock Bottom to Cena that allowed The Miz to score a tainted pinfall victory, was just about the biggest piece of crap of an ending I’ve seen in years.

Seriously, we paid $54.99 for a main event that ended with a Dusty Finish?

I don’t want my money back or anything, but I’m not going to sit on hold for an hour for another WWE pay-per-view anytime soon.



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