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Ice-related accidents are on the rise


ice-related accidentsWe’re a couple of weeks into January, but the weather is still relatively cold and there are plenty of black ice forming on the road. The combination of road conditions and cold weather have been blamed for causing a number of severe accidents this past week, including a number of accidents which resulted in drivers getting injured.

There is a mounting pressure for better road maintenance. Some accident victims are also considering a personal injury lawsuit as a result of this situation.


Five Notch Road Accident

Earlier on Tuesday (01/10), a car was involved in an accident after hitting a patch of ice on the road. The car in question flipped near the Five Notch Road intersection. Witnesses didn’t see how the accident happened, but there is definite evidence of ice on the road.

Fortunately, the accident caused no serious injury. According to the Aiken County Sheriff’s office, the driver was immediately examined by paramedics. No serious injuries were discovered at the time, but further examinations are still being conducted to be extra certain.

Patches of black ice can also be seen across the Celeste Avenue. The combination of mist and wet weather, paired with the low temperature – especially in the morning – caused thin layers of ice to form on the surface of the road. Reports of cars skidding at different spots can also be found from various sources.


Accidents in Columbia County

Reports of an accident also came from Columbia County, where four cars were involved in a severe crash on the I-20. There were no confirmations of the cause of the accident, but witnesses suggest that ice was also a factor.

Similar to the accident on Five Notch Road, there were no serious injuries reported in this case either. Dispatch said that the I-20 road will not be closed and actions are being taken to make sure the road is clear of any debris and possible formations of black ice.

The accident raised concerns among those who regularly travels the route going east or west. It takes no more than a spell of bad weather or a cold morning for patches of black ice to start forming. Reports of cars getting out of control and skidding in the area are also popping up from various sources.


Serious Actions Are Needed

According to experts from J. Reyna Law Firm, accidents caused by black ice have been known to cause serious personal injuries in the past. Black ice is difficult to spot, especially at times when visibility is less than perfect. It is also difficult to spot patches of ice on the road at night until it is too late.

There is no sure-fire way of avoiding an accident. Drivers are being told to be more cautious when on the road. Be sure to watch your speed when driving, check the treads on your tires and take the necessary precautions to plan your route.

We’re staying close to this subject and will be reporting on ice-related accidents in the future. There are no reports of local government taking action at the moment, but we’ll post more updates as soon as we receive them.



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