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How to anonymously watch other people’s IG stories



Hiding an Instagram story from any specific follower is not a secret anymore, actually, you would be surprised how many people are doing this. However, did you know that you can see someone’s Instagram story without them having any clue that you have seen it?

That is absolutely correct. You can actually anonymously see other people’s stories on Instagram and they won’t get that ‘’seen’’ notification. It doesn’t really matter whether are you using PC or any other device like an android or apple phone. If you follow our instructions, you can easily view other people stories without any need to download IG stories.

Let’s see all the steps that you have to follow in order to anonymously watch other people’s IG stories.

5 Steps on How to anonymously watch other people’s story on Instagram

In order to watch anonymously other people’s story on IG, you need to follow these next steps in the correct order. Let’s begin.

1. Copy the person’s username

The first step that you need to do in order to watch stories on IG anonymously is to copy the username from the person that you want to watch story in the first place. Now, you can do this step in many ways.

Possibly the best way to do this is to open the profile of the person and find the username right next to their profile picture. You can select the username and choose the option ‘’copy’’, or you can just press the ‘’ctrl+c’’.

2. Go to Weynstag.com

Next, you need to go to the website called Weystag.com/instastory. You can actually do this step easily no matter the device you are using.

Most of the people open their online browser and use the google search to find this website. Also, you can just type the ‘’Weynstag.com’’ directly into your browser’s address.

3. Paste the username

After you have found the Weynstag.com website, it is time now to paste the previously copied username here. You only need to find the ‘’text box’’ that will be the first thing you see when you visit this website.

Now, you can just select the text box and press ‘’ctrl+v’’ so the username appears in the correct place here.

4. Press the ‘’Download Instagram Stories’’ button

After you have previously entered the correct username of the person you want to watch IG story anonymously, now it is time to press the ‘’Download Instagram Stories’’ button.

You can find this button right under the ‘’text box’’ where you pasted the username. Keep in mind that a person’s profile must be PUBLIC in order to this.

5. Download Instagram Story

This is the last step that you need to do in order to watch someone’s story anonymously. Namely, right after you pressed the ‘’Download Instagram Stories’’ button, the website will do its work and you will be able to download that story and watch it anonymously.


In the light of everything we said above, it is perfectly clear that you don’t have to put much effort in order to watch other people stories anonymously. Just follow these steps in the correct order that we have discussed and you will be just fine.



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