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Dylan Celli explains: 5 simple ways to make a workout more enjoyable

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Fitness instructor Dylan Celli encourages his clients to make physical activity a priority in their daily lives. Keeping physically active will help you stay healthier for longer and boost your emotional health.

If you don’t feel motivated to work out, you can do things to make exercise more enjoyable. These tips can help you look forward to your daily workouts so that you’ll be less likely to skip them.

1. Work out with a friend

No matter what type of physical activity interests you, doing it by yourself won’t be enjoyable for long. Eventually, it will feel more like a chore, and you’ll be less likely to keep at it.

You’ll find more pleasure in your workouts if you can get someone else to join you. Ask a friend, partner, or your children to work out with you. The workouts will be more enjoyable, and you’ll have someone who will make sure you keep at it.

2. Create a motivational playlist

A big part of enjoying your workouts is making sure you feel motivated to continue pursuing your fitness goals. When you find that your interest in exercise is fading, spice things up by making a playlist.

The songs on your playlist should be upbeat and inspirational. Start listening to your playlist about 20 minutes before each workout to help yourself feel motivated.

3. Mix things up

People often lose interest in exercise because it can feel a little too mundane. Dylan Celli recommends keeping things interesting by always looking for new activities to enjoy.

You should hit the gym for weight training two or three times per week, but the rest of your weekly workouts should consist of a variety of different activities. Try swimming, bicycling, jogging, hiking, or organizing team sports in your community.

4. Set goals

You will also enjoy your workouts more if you set personal goals for yourself. This is easier to do when you’re playing team sports because you can judge your performance based on whether your team wins or loses.

When you engage in a solitary activity, set other types of goals for yourself. Try to beat your best running time, increase the amount of weight you can lift, or set a new weight loss goal. Each goal should be challenging yet attainable to keep you striving to do better.

5. Reward yourself

You can also derive more pleasure from your workouts by rewarding yourself each time you successfully complete a workout.

Avoid rewarding yourself with snacks and junk food. Instead, look for other ways to treat yourself. Buy a new book to read or buy another small gift that you’ll enjoy. You can also reward yourself with a trip to a museum, theater, or another activity that you enjoy.

By rewarding yourself regularly, you’ll begin to associate your workouts with those pleasurable experiences.

About Dylan Celli

After returning from a yoga retreat in India, Dylan Celli realized he wanted to help others get involved in practicing yoga. He quit his full-time job to become a yoga instructor.

From there, he added more fitness practices to the services he offered. Dylan Celli now offers a full range of fitness instruction, from strength training to gymnastics, to help anyone meet their goals.

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