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Augusta County Sheriff’s Office warns of IRS threat scam


augusta countyThe Augusta County Sheriff’s Office is warning local residents of a scam involving supposed threats of lawsuit from the IRS.

A number of residents have complained of receiving a call from the IRS whereby they are being threatened with a lawsuit or told that they are in default. Citizens say they are offered an opportunity to “settle” the suit and avoid court, or face the possibility of having their driver’s license suspended, and their bank accounts froze. Personal information and money is sought.

The sheriff’s office is alerting residents to be aware that the calls are part of a scam, as the IRS will not call you for payment, nor will they threaten you if you do not comply immediately.

If you receive one of these calls, ignore it. If there is any question about the validity of such a call, or something similar, do not act without first investigating the matter. Using the Internet to search the number often reveals enough information to make an informed decision. If this is not an option, call a friend, neighbor, or family member and ask for their assistance.

The phone number that appears on your phone is likely not the source of the call, and many scams are based outside the United States.



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