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Stop the Presses | It ain’t about black and white, it’s about green

Alright, I’ll bite. And I apologize for calling you a whackjob.
So you’re saying that Barack Obama ain’t one of us, and that we ought to do something before he takes the oath of office.
Make your case.
Um …
You’re saying that he hasn’t produced a valid U.S. birth certificate?

And you’re being serious.

OK, OK. I get it.

You’ve seen the valid U.S. birth certificate that has been produced by the Obama folks on the ‘Net, I’m assuming.

Oh, I see. You’re saying it’s not valid. Because another whackjob, er, whatever-you-folks-are, saw on a website somewhere that it wasn’t. Based on … well, that’s asking you to get too specific, I know.

So you want money to try to bring this to court in every state where Obama won electoral votes to try to block his inauguration.

That’s what this is really all about, isn’t it?

I mean, I know that you didn’t like Obama. Noticed that with your Nobama bumper stickers and all the ranting and raving about socialism.

No, I didn’t call you a racist. OK, yeah, I do wonder about that, but I don’t think you’re as concerned about black and white as you are green.

How many times do you think I have to get forwarded e-mails from conservative front groups asking for money to fight this BS all the way to the Supreme Court before I start to get what you guys are really trying to get at here?

Scaring up money is mighty hard for y’all these days, even when the economy is going strong. You can only go on and on and on about abortion for so long when your side had the White House and Congress and the Supreme Court for six solid years without doing a damn thing to reverse Roe v. Wade before people start to realize what kind of major-league hypocrites you are and stop writing checks. So now you’re tapping into the pallin’ around with terrorists hysteria that Bimbo in ’12 stirred up back during the campaign.

No, no need to worry with me. I can’t possibly think any less of you.


– Column by Chris Graham