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Inside the latest media scare: Ebola

“I’m pretty sure I’ve got ebola.” This was my friend Eli. Who tends to be a hypochondriac. In addition to conspiracy theorist and the rest. Guy watches a lot of news.

McAuliffe announces 50,000th birth certificate issued through DMV/VDH partnership

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced a major milestone in the vital records partnership of the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and the Virginia Department of Health’s Division of Vital Records.

Let’s play some Karl Rove on Karl Rove

You can’t negotiate a truce with a guy like Karl Rove, and you can’t make peace with him, either, by endlessly parsing his words. So how do you neutralize him? By playing his game.

Gov. McAuliffe announces launch of DMV/VDH vital records partnership

Gov. Terry McAuliffe today announced the successful launch of the partnership of the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and the Virginia Department of Health Division of Vital Records to provide increased access to Virginia birth certificates.

White House releases long-form birth certificate

The White House today surprised reporters with the release of President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate. The release comes at the height of weeks of public posturing by real-estate mogul Donald Trump hinting that investigators hired by the reality-television star might have information to the effect that Obama wasn’t born in the United States or […]

Stop the Presses | Get out your birth certificates, GOP

So the Public Policy Polling poll released yesterday was skewed toward the Republican side – with the respondents splitting 52 percent-to-41 percent for John McCain in last year’s presidential election as I pointed out last night. My way of saying, Take what I’m about to say next based on the PPP numbers with a couple […]

‘Housekeeping,’ sure

You’re lucky if you haven’t come across the self-delusioned among us who are still convinced that Barack Obama and the state of Hawaii didn’t cover up the fact that he was born somewhere other than the United States.  And now the self-delusioned have a voice in Congress in Sixth District Congressman Bob Goodlatte, who has […]

Stop the Presses | It ain’t about black and white, it’s about green

Alright, I’ll bite. And I apologize for calling you a whackjob. So you’re saying that Barack Obama ain’t one of us, and that we ought to do something before he takes the oath of office. Make your case. Um … You’re saying that he hasn’t produced a valid U.S. birth certificate?