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Here’s what you should know about drinking cannabis-infused drinks

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The legalization of cannabis in Canada and some states in the U.S became one of the most popular talks of the world. It formed different feedback from people across the globe- both good and bad. But, it didn’t stop the law and the public to spread the news. Instead, several studies were conducted to discover its benefits. Also, upon seeing the positive feedback on the medical field, it gained more popularity. It resulted in people using it on different purposes, such as smoking and vaping. However, not every person is fond of the idea of smoking nor vaping. So, cannabis-infused drinks arose.

What are cannabis-infused drinks?

Only a few brewers produce beverages with cannabis. Usually, these drinks have cannabidiol (CBD) or THC, which are both compounds of marijuana. THC is the primary ingredient that makes people high. Meanwhile, CBD contains less than 0.1 percent of THC, which does not make you high. Instead, CBD works as an inflammatory and mood modulator. Therefore, most of the consumers of this type of drink use it for medical purposes. Furthermore, these two can even be combined on drinks separately or together.

Cannabis-infused drinks can be non-alcoholic or alcoholic. However, the latter should first meet the requirements of TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau). Even though marijuana has been legal in many states, there are still strict regulations when it comes to consuming and producing cannabis-infused drinks. Thus, every process and formulation must be approved first before being sold. It is also the reason why it is still challenging to find this type of beverage. Not all are eligible to create cannabis-infused drinks to the public. Moreover, some rumors say that there’s still no clear timeline as to when it will be fully legalized to produce cannabis-infused drinks in the market.

What are the different types of cannabis-infused drinks?

Cannabis is surprisingly a versatile ingredient, and the thought of mixing cannabis on different beverages is exciting. So, if you’re interested, here are some of the best cannabis-infused drinks you can try at home:

Tea or coffee with cannabis? Truly awakening!

Basically, tea is consists of dry leaves. So, mixing cannabis with it is not a bad idea. But, if you want the most convenient mix you can do at home, try coffee. Just find the right strain to complement the taste of the coffee. These specific mixes also bring different health benefits which may surprise you.

Soda and cannabis in one? Chug it down!

If you are looking for a good alternative for beer, then this is a great choice. Unlike other combination, this one is an excellent drink to avoid getting high – mix soda, cannabis, and other flavors that you prefer to create one good booze.

Cocktails with cannabis? Hype up with it!

Perhaps this is one of the most popular combinations on this list. However, mixing cannabis with cocktails is still under observation. But, certain bars are allowed to serve this drink using CBD compound for the blend.

There are a lot more drinks and compounds that you can try to mix with cannabis. But, if you ever decide to formulate one on your own, proper research should be done first. It is best not to risk something that will bring more complications in the future, right?

Tips and other important facts you need to know about drinking cannabis-infused drinks

Though this product is now a trend, it is important to take note that this specific mixture is not all about getting high. This is also about helping people through their health benefits. However, before mixing up cannabis with beverages, there are a few things that you need to know. This should be done to avoid any complications that may occur upon drinking any cannabis-infused beverage. In relation to this, it is also important to point out that cannabis also has different variables. Thus, it leads to various effects as well.

Cannabis has a unique flavor, but it basically has an herbal undertone taste even when mixed with other drinks. Even though cannabis mixes well with anything, there are certain factors that need to be considered. This is mainly for cocktail or alcohol mixes.

Alcohol can get people drunk, and cannabis can make people high, when combined, it can cause different reactions. Therefore, this is a significant concern. When these two substances are mixed, a person can feel a much stronger high than the normal high when smoking. So, before indulging with Cannabis-Infused drinks, think and check if it is safe for you.

The market for cannabis-infused drinks is now getting more substantial. According to some research, there were already more than 100 different cannabis drinks exist. Also, the number will continue to grow as people continue to discover things to infuse with cannabis. This news does not only excites the cannabis growers; it also made alcohol companies ecstatic. Therefore, the competition for this product is expected to be fierce.

Cannabis-Infused Drink Take Away

People have different preferences; even on cannabis consumption. Nowadays, marijuana comes in various forms. There are edibles, pot, sweets, and now drinks. And also, though some believe that consuming cannabis will bring no good, there are actually a lot of benefits we can get from them. Just keep in mind that everything should be in moderation. At the end of the day, being safe is better than being sorry.

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