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Get individual attention and end-to-end MBA admissions consulting at Experts’ Global

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Besides its well-designed EdTech resources, Experts’ Global has consistently relied on its personalized, end-to-end approach to successfully guide thousands of MBA aspirants all across the world. It is this USP that has helped the firm to establish itself as a leader in the GMAT preparation and MBA admission consulting domain not only in India, but also in the world over in a short span.

Personalized Approach

The reliability and success of Experts’ Global, founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, is aptly conveyed by this fact: Every 10th Indian studying in the US top 50 B-schools happens to be an Experts’ Global alumni! Since 2008, Experts’ Global has been continuously adding to the vibrancy of India’s EdTech sector by developing well-researched and highly conceptual content on GMAT Preparation; students applaud this firm’s intensive support and praise its cutting-edge products. Owing to astute guidance of these Thought Leaders, thousands of students have grasped concepts thoroughly and have earned excellent GMAT scores. Students with 50+ nationalities have availed services such as GMAT Online Preparation Program, 15 GMAT Practice Tests with Video Explanations, MBA Admissions Consulting, and a GMAT Classroom Program in Noida; the firm has placed candidates in each of the world’s top 150 universities.

World’s Most Exhaustive GMAT Preparation Online

The Experts’ Global GMAT prep program has been made, keeping in mind all aspects of the GMAT training journey and provides an exhaustive range of resources. The module offers 300+ conceptual videos, 4000+ practice questions on a GMAT like interface, 15 full-length tests with video explanations. Each question comes with a video and text explanation about the most optimized problem-solving method. The sophisticated software deploys artificial intelligence techniques to identify user behavior and specific preparation needs. Moreover, GMAT preparation requires considerable and concerted effort and e-learning platforms are often the most preferred resources for working professionals hoping to crack the highly competitive exam;  Experts’ Global’s offerings extend students the luxury to gain conceptual clarity through its crisp video instruction, take tests, determine their weak areas thanks to sophisticated software, and undertake as many revisions as possible.

Exhaustive GMAT Test Series

Thousands of students worldwide have confirmed that the results of their 15 GMAT Practice Tests were quite similar to their actual GMAT results. The interface is just like the GMAT screen and this increases the student’s familiarity with the rigorous test-taking experience. The module provides crisp, conceptual explanations for all answers while the advanced analytics extend objective guidance to boost the preparation plan. These factors should really motivate MBA aspirants to use the exclusive GMAT mock series by Experts’ Global.

Personal Mentoring in GMAT Classroom Program

The firm’s founder is passionate about teaching and has a formidable prowess in the Quant section; he stood in the 99th percentile in his own GMAT. To learn from such a seasoned mentor, in the close-knit cohort of 12-15 students will indeed take your GMAT Preparation journey to the next level!  Moreover, many students prefer in-person learning and the tried and tested modes of traditional instruction with instant interaction and doubt-solving avenues. For such students, Experts’ Global’s classroom program in Noida is an ideal option. Additionally, all students can avail Experts’ Global’s online resources such as 300+ videos, 4000+ practice questions, 15 full-length tests, and insightful analytics and diagnostics. The classes are held in the comfort of a business center of a well-connected premium hotel and the firm only takes two batches of students annually. Therefore, book your place for the exclusive mentoring now!

A Personalized Take on MBA Admissions Consulting

Experts’ Global provides “End-to-end MBA Admissions Consulting” guidance and adopts a boutique system; its admissions specialists only work with a limited number of students per year. Benefitting from the personalized mentoring extended to them, Experts’ Global students have secured admission to every one of the world’s top 150 schools, that too with scholarships. Each year since 2010, the firm has helped its students bag scholarships in excess of USD 10 million every year! The team extends personalized guidance to aid students navigate comprehensive facets of the MBA applications process; the mentors devote time and effort at every single juncture to ensure that students feel confident. The end-to-end approach means that students get help to shortlist schools, draft essays, seek recommendation letters, to fill the online applications forms, prepare for interviews. Moreover, the team promptly and patiently resolves all queries and this dedicated spirit has helped the firm to incrementally expand its reputation over the last 10 years.

Experts in ISB Admissions Consulting

Indian School of Business indeed has a distinguished stature. One of the most prominent business schools in India, it has an annual in-take of 900+ students, offers instruction in Mohali as well as Hyderabad, and hosts numerous global Thought Leaders in core managerial disciplines as its guest faculty. ISB’s admission process is also equally rigorous; the school does not require a resume and heavily relies on the essays and personal interview to make final decisions.  Thousands of students have relied on Experts’ Global because the firm holds special prowess when it comes to ISB Admissions Consulting. The Experts’ Global mentors provide pin-pointed, objective guidance to help students showcase their strengths in the most compelling manner. Every year, ~90 % of Experts’ Global’s ISB applicants get interview calls and ~40% of those get admitted to ISB.

In-depth MBA Interview Preparation Training

Experts’ Global adopts a comprehensive and disciplined approach to MBA Interview Preparation wherein a set of videos on MBA Interview Preparation, that throw light on a range of concepts, tips, and dos and don’ts, is shared with the students; this rich resource is bound to heighten the student’s confidence to approach the admissions interview. Next, the Experts’ team shares an exhaustive list of commonly asked MBA questions and encourages student to prepare their responses while keeping in mind the instruction provided in the videos. Once the students have prepared the responses and have brushed up on their soft skills, they appear for a mock interview session with the team’s mentor. The expert shares constructive feedback, pertaining to body language, content, style, diction, etc., and students can implement the suggestions to return for another round of mock interview.

Versatile Android and iOS Applications

In an age where most people are connected with their mobile phones 24/7, a serious GMAT test taker can indeed use every bit of free time to hone his or her Verbal or Quant concepts on the phone itself! If you would rather spend time constructively than simply browse through social media whenever you get small breaks, then all you need to do is to download Experts’ Global’s Android and iOS Applications! Experts’ Global has one of the world’s most exhaustive mobile phone applications, with numerous smart and sophisticated features, for GMAT prep and MBA applications that allow committed and smart GMAT test-takers to opt for all modules on their cell phones / tablets. Add flexibility to your GMAT Prep by taking advantage of these versatile apps!

Access 3000+ Free Educational Videos on YouTube

Through YouTube, Experts’ Global has selflessly reached out to MBA aspirants across the globe and has made an impact on their learning journeys by providing rich and systematic content. The company’s YouTube channel has 3000+ videos for GMAT prep and MBA applications process.  The videos are only 1-10 minutes length with crisp, conceptually rich content. Thus, these offerings are ideal for professionals who get limited time to spare for GMAT prep from their hectic routines.

Free Resources to Help Global Student Community

Beyond a rich set of videos on key GMAT concepts, MBA Applications processes such as essay writing, seeking recommendations, preparing for interviews, drafting professional emails, creating impressive resumes, etc., the firm also provides a free GMAT practice test. This test is especially useful because it helps students to determine their current level of proficiency and narrow down on five weakest areas in quant as well as verbal. Thus, Experts’ Global has developed high-tech resources for management education that not only aid in GMAT Preparation but also help students make well-researched choices.

An Unflinching Resolve for Corporate Social Responsibility

Experts’ Global has been adding INR 200 to its Corporate Social Responsibility fund for each student enrolled with them and since its establishment. Owing to an unflinching resolve to promote social welfare. The firm continues to expand its CSR vision and is determined to make a lasting difference by reaching out to underserved and underprivileged sections of the society. Experts’ Global has helped numerous underprivileged children as well as youth by completely shouldering the responsibilities of their living as well as educational expenses.