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Followup: Why Stone Cold Steve Austin won’t be returning

stone coldStone Cold Steve Austin says on Twitter that the idea that he won’t be returning has to do with his experience on the WWE Tough Enough show that ran on USA a couple of years ago is “bulls—t.”

Which is fine, but Austin clearly isn’t coming back, based on an interview that he did with Chris Jericho on the Talk is Jericho podcast.

Austin discussed in the interview what it would take for him to get ready for a WrestleMania match.

“I would think that would mean a three month training window – for timing, getting back in the ring, taking bumps, to do it right,” said Austin, noting that this window would also include him getting involved in storylines, Monday Night Raws, you name it.

And then what? You work for 30 minutes on a ‘Mania, and then you’re done.

“You’ve just gotta understand that the shoes that I’m in right now, and where I’m at now, that I don’t say that to insult you or that you would want me to be in another match, it’s just a personal thing with me,” Austin said.

That doesn’t sound at all like a guy who ever wants to get back into a ring other than to give an occasional Stone Cold salute to Mr. McMahon just for craps and giggles.

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