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Many investors enjoy private sales because it’s the early round of funding, meaning that assets are available at the best prices they’ll likely ever be. The main reason that most investors don’t take advantage of private sales is that they weren’t invited. But this time is different. We have unlocked the best crypto private sales and provided the juicy details.

Let’s jump right into reviewing the best private token sales because some of them are already taking place and may be sold out soon.

The Best Crypto Projects with Private Sales in 2024

Of the 10 blockchain tokens sold privately, we found Tamadoge to be the best crypto private sale.

  1. Tamadoge – Best Coin Currently in Private Sale
  2. Battle Infinity – Popular Gaming Coin in Presale
  3. Lucky Block – Top-Rated Competition Platform
  4. Kryptview – Research-to-Earn Platform
  5. Koakuma – Up-coming Metaverse Combat Game
  6. Spume – Powerful NFT Marketplace
  7. MapMetrics – Drive-to-Earn Platform
  8. O-Mee – Social Subscription Crypto Network
  9. Baby ApeCoin – Famous NFT Token
  10. EstateX – New Real Estate Crypto Project

A Closer Look at the Best New Crypto Private Sales to Invest in

We found 10 cryptocurrencies in private sales currently, but it was Tamadoge that was the best crypto project because it has tremendous potential.

1. Tamadoge – Best Coin Currently in Private Sale

The best time to invest in cryptocurrencies is when it’s in presale. That’s the stage Tamadoge is in, so its price is heavily discounted. Because the price is so low, it had tremendous upside potential. But that’s not the only reason. Tamadoge is anything but a meme coin. It has utility and offers investors rewards.

Tamadoge is a play-to-earn game that rewards players based on the care they’ve provided for their digital pets. Players use in-game assets to feed their dogs and exercise them by walking them, thereby ensuring their development. The game ranks players according to the development of their pets and rewards the top players with TAMA, the coin’s native token. Players can sell their TAMA for fiat currency.

But it’s not only through pet development that players can earn. Holding TAMA may result in capital gains. The game’s developers are planning to sell half of the coin’s supply during the presale. And only 2 billion coins are in circulation. But what’s going to make the coin even more difficult to own is that the platform plans to burn 5% of all TAMA tokens spent.

On top of that, the creators have designed an ERC-20 token so that it can be listed on centralized exchanges, which LBank has already confirmed. The increased exposure will impact TAMA’s liquidity, with higher demand resulting in higher prices of this new cryptocurrency.

This project seems to be expanding rapidly. It’s currently based in the Tamaverse, but the creators plan to integrate it into Metaverse land. Another development is that the app will debut soon. And the creators will eventually also introduce Tamadoge P2E Arcade games.

And the time to invest in Tamadoge is now because investors want to buy a coin before it launches. Join Tamadoge’s Telegram channel for the latest updates. Investors can’t use the excuse that they didn’t know about it or that prices were unaffordable. So now’s the time to act.

Battle Infinity logoPlaying games is a form of entertainment, but earning while playing makes them more interesting. Battle Infinity provides players with both. This NFT-based sports fantasy game enables players to access six platforms to compete for the highest rewards. At the heart of the game is IBAT, the game’s native token.

To begin playing, players can buy IBAT on Battle Swap, the platform’s decentralized exchange. They can also use the exchange to redeem their rewards for other currencies. The main battle is in IBAT Premier League. But to partake, players need NFT passes. They can obtain them from Battle Marketplace. That’s where the creators tokenized characters and assets into NFTs to give them value.

In IBAT Premier League, players budget to build up their teams and even monetize their land. They can use their TAMA tokens for billboard advertising within the ecosystem. Or they can battle it out in Battle Arena. It’s there that players explore the Metaverse with their VR headsets and unique avatars. Players can customize their avatars with NFTs to dress them and even fit them with fashionable accessories. To make the game realistic, Battle Infinity enables players to meet each other in real-time and chat.

Battle Infinity enables players to stake their coins and compete for the highest annual percentage yield (APY), making it one of the best NFT games to play. Players can choose from solo, duo and crates staking. Then, there’s the global staking pool. It receives half of all IBAT transactions, then distributes crypto rewards to highly active players.

Update – IBAT’s presale is now sold out but investors can join the Battle Infinity Telegram channel to get the latest alerts on IBAT being listed in crypto exchanges – the first of which will be PancakeSwap decentralized exchange. An announcement of the listing date, listing price and how to buy on PancakeSwap will be made on Telegram.

3. Lucky Block – Top-Rated Competition Platform

LBLOCKAnother way to earn from an NFT platform is by buying LBLOCK, the native token of Lucky Block. It’s a competition platform enabling players to enter draws by buying tickets. Each ticket costs only $1, and a minimum of five tickets are required to enter a draw.

Players enter draws via the Platinum Rollers NFT Club and stand a chance of winning the main prize of $50,000, awarded in LBLOCK. The main prize takes place weekly, and Lucky Block also hosts a weekly NFT draw on Fridays. Entering draws isn’t the only way that players can earn from this platform.

Another potential way is through capital gains. LBLOCK investors who bought the coin in January 2022 when it started trading went on a massive bull run the following month. The coin surged 1,100% in February 2022 and completed that massive rally in two weeks.

This crypto project is developing constantly and is doing so by introducing NFT purchases with fiat currencies and an ERC-20 token to list LBLOCK on centralized exchanges such as LBank and MEXC – and Gate.io in September 2022.

LBLOCK is still a crypto under $1 and in fact under one cent – but that Gate.io listing could see the price retest its former all time high of just under one cent.

When Lucky Block’s private sale and presale concluded it produced a 65x bull run for those early investors from an LBLOCK token price of $0.00015 to $0.0097.

4. Kryptview – Research-to-Earn Platform

Numerous blockchain projects have emerged that enable users to earn while they provide value to an ecosystem. That’s exactly what Kryptview aims to do with its research-to-earn platform. It provides market players with structured information and insights.

Users of Kryptview help curate collective intelligence to provide information and insight services. Central to this platform is KVT Token. It provides several benefits and serves purposes such as protecting the platform against promoters, rewarding users who provide research and its validation, and it provides other platform perks.

The token also gives visibility to the project and drives traffic to the platform. Kryptview aims to provide transparency to prevent scams and fake projects from multiplying. And it also provides objective information by ensuring that data is substantiated. Information shared on platforms such as Reddit and Twitter isn’t verified and mostly consists of opinions, but Kryptview ensures accurate information.

5. Koakuma – Up-coming Metaverse Combat Game

Play-to-earn games have made their way onto the blockchain, and some have taken graphics to a whole new level. That’s exactly what happened with Koakuma, an immersive combat game that enables players to fight for Laria. Koakuma is a Metaverse game that rewards players in tokens and NFT rewards.

The game is set in a medieval fantasy continent of Laria, enabling players to collect treasure, resources and materials. It enables players to battle it out in PvP tournaments or take on monsters in dungeons. Players can also create weapons and accessories to win battles. It’s through battles and collecting resources that players earn.

To play and earn rewards, players need to own the KKMA token. Koakuma’s high-quality graphics, entertainment and earnings make it a Metaverse coin worth investing in.

6. Spume – Powerful NFT Marketplace

Another one of the best private token sales in 2024 is Spume. It’s a holder-owned NFT marketplace that facilitates NFT tokenization of physical and digital assets. The best part about this NFT platform is that it doesn’t include centralized authorities, preventing them from taxing individuals. Some of the assets tokenized on the platform include real estate, art and digital goods such as licensing.

The Spume token has a supply of 100 million. The platform won’t burn or mint any tokens as it wants to keep the supply fixed. Of the total supply, 13.7% is available during the private sale. A public sale will hoard only 5% of the coins. So investors wanting to get in on a crypto with the most potential should act fast.

7. MapMetrics – Drive-to-Earn Platform

One of the best crypto private sales that enables users to earn while they drive is MapMetrics. It’s difficult to imagine a time when drivers could earn while in their cars if they weren’t taxis. But crypto rewards are available in just about every sphere. MapMetrics is a navigation app that rewards users with tokens and NFTs.

The app shows users the most convenient routes and the community updates road conditions in real-time. This NFT ecosystem rewards users for providing up-to-date information to help drivers know what is going on the roads as they are driving. And users earn rewards by connecting special position tracker (SPT) to MapMetrics. The rewards are automatically transferred to a user’s wallet. The only thing remaining is for users to activate the app as they drive.

The platform provides rewards with the MMAPS token. Of the total supply, 84% is for rewards, 10% enters the treasury, 5% is for marketing and 1% will be used for the initial coin offering (ICO).

MMAPS is a crypto gem that’s easy to earn. It just requires users to update the platform with road information, and its private sale price is low.

8. O-Mee – Social Subscription Crypto Network

O-Mee is one of the best crypto private sales but with a difference. It’s a crypto platform that enables users to live in an experimental world and is regarded as the first social subscription network. This presale project is considered a social media space that provides a platform for struggling creators to receive value for their works.

Creators can connect with their fans, compose and invent as they please. Followers can subscribe to their favorite content creators and keep up with their latest work. This social crypto network offers free and exclusive content, as well as subscription services.  O-Mee’s NFT marketplace enables users to mint, buy, sell and earn royalties and commissions.

Home to this platform is $OME, the native token. Since O-Mee functions as an NFT marketplace, social media on blockchain and a rewards platform, it’s definitely one of the exciting new crypto projects launching.

9. Baby ApeCoin – Famous NFT Token

Hot on the heels of ApeCoin is Baby ApeCoin. It looks to profit off the hype that the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) created with the sale of its NFTs. Some BAYC NFTs have sold for several million dollars, largely due to celebrity endorsements and ownership.

Now, investors who missed the ApeCoin bus have a chance to catch up with Baby ApeCoin. But it’s not just another coin developed to exist on the blockchain and have zero purposes. The developers have ensured that it has utility. It’s a transparent and reliable smart contract project that provides BNB rewards.

To take advantage of this crypto rewards platform, investors need to possess $BAPE. The coin’s supply diminishes constantly due to the weekly burnings.

10. EstateX – New Real Estate Crypto Project

For a long time, real estate investing was reserved for high-worth individuals and institutional investors. But EstateX has used decentralization to lower the barriers of entry to real estate investors, making it affordable and convenient to everyone.

Thanks to blockchain, EstateX has enabled investors to access fractional ownership in real estate. Regardless of how much money investors have or their location, they can buy and sell property on EstateX’s platform. At the heart of this platform is the native token $ESX.

Early crypto investors get huge discounts on ESX, enabling them to be on a VIP whitelist, which provides exclusive early access to new opportunities such as ICOs.

What is a Cryptocurrency Private Sale?

A private sale in crypto is a fundraising method that enables blockchain projects to promote their platform and sell their native tokens to a specific group of people. A private sale is usually an only-invite event that enables a few investors to get the best crypto prices before tokens are listed on exchanges.

Investors in a private sale are deemed to be early investors as they have received purchase preference over the rest of the market. Private sale crypto events usually attract investors desiring to buy large units of cryptocurrency.

How do Digital Assets Private Sales Work?

The platform’s creators decide the investors they want to target. Invitations are sent out to the target market,  containing the date of the private sale and a link to join. The platform provides only a portion of the total coin supply during a private sale at a predetermined price.

That price is heavily discounted than what the coin will start trading on exchanges. Investors usually buy large quantities of crypto and stand to make more than 10x returns because the coin usually rallies during an ICO.

The general market isn’t usually invited to private sales. That would be classified as a public sale. But Tamadoge is currently in a beta sale, which is equivalent to a private sale because that’s prior to a crypto presale. Tamadoge prices are low at the moment, and investors who usually aren’t invited to private sales now know about it.

How to Find All the Best New Private Crypto Sales

Finding new cryptos on sale is extremely difficult unless investors are high-income individuals or institutional investors. It’s usually those two groups that get invited to such events because they have a tremendous amount of money.

But early crypto sales should be available to anyone. And even beginner investors should have a preview of discounted cryptocurrencies. So that’s the reason we scoured the market and found cryptocurrency sales. When investors find out about new crypto sales, it’s best to get in on those projects immediately. We have provided two projects that have tremendous upside potential.

The main crypto ecosystem that investors should know about is Tamaverse. It’s home to Tamadoge, a doge platform enabling players to look after their pets and earn as they develop. Another project in a private sale is Battle Infinity, an NFT fantasy sports game. It’s a play-to-earn game that offers six different platforms offering entertainment and rewards.

Are Private Sale Cryptos a Good Investment?

Investing in one of the best crypto private sales means having several advantages over the rest of the market.

Discounted Prices

Presale cryptocurrencies are usually heavily discounted. The reason for that is because a project is new and creators want to attract investors to their platform. Because low coin prices are available during crypto presales, investors can buy numerous coins, even if their budgets aren’t big.

Capital Gains

A presale coin usually hasn’t been listed on major exchanges. So liquidity is limited as only some investors have access to a coin. Investors who buy during a presale get cryptos at rock-bottom prices. Then when a coin ICOs, a high demand usually follows, resulting in the coin pumping.


Some investors pay a tremendous amount of money to be the first to acquire an asset. Being part of a presale means getting access to assets that most people may never own or much later than early-round investors.

How to Invest in Private Sales of Cryptocurrencies

Tamadoge logo

The best crypto private sale at the moment is Tamadoge (TAMA). To enable investors to buy TAMA easily, we provided a step-by-step guide.

Step 1:  Open a Crypto Wallet:

Have a crypto wallet that can store ERC-20 tokens such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

Download Metamask wallet

Step 2 – Buy ETH or USDT: 

Visit eToro’s website and Buy Ethereum or USDT – used to exchange into TAMA tokens.

Click ‘Connect Wallet’’ on the Tamadoge website. Follow the instructions to connect to the presale.

Step 4 – Buy Tamadoge: 

Decide how many TAMA tokens to buy. Keep in mind that a minimum of 1,000 is required to complete the purchase.

Step 5 – Claim TAMA Tokens: 

After the presale, investors can collect TAMA tokens by clicking the ‘Claim’ button on the presale page. 

The Verdict

Comparing all the crypto private sale coins, we found that Tamadoge offers the best crypto private sale this year. It offers rewards, entertainment and even an app for an NFT crypto game.

Considering that TAMA is on beta sale – essentially a private sale but open to the public, just with little marketing – the time to buy it is now. Investors looking for the next big thing shouldn’t sleep on it.

Tamadoge logo


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