Winners and Losers: June 30, 2008

Compiled by Chris Graham

LOSER: The Frank Lucente flip-flop on stormwater, explained

Nice story in today’s NV that in part allows Frank Lucente to explain his flip-flop on funding for stormwater.

“I think we can do the whole thing with what we’ve got,” Lucente told The News Virginian.

He told me a different story a few weeks ago. The reason for the switch that he related had to do with political pressure from big business.

(Credit to Jimmy LaRoue for hinting to that in his lede.)


LOSERS: Virginians who want to see the state do something about roads

I know money’s tight. Money’s always going to be tight.

It’s now beyond embarrassing that we can’t seem to get people in Richmond to do our job for us.

No, we shouldn’t have to just accept clogged interstates like I-81 and sitting in traffic for hours in NoVa and Hampton Roads on our way to work or to the beach or whatever.

Cojones, anyone?


TODAY’S HOT OR NOT: Last reference to the July Vanity Fair … I was reading the piece on the history of the Internet, and was not surprised to see who was on the other end of the line for the first Internet transmission. Try the Stanford Research Institute, now aka SRI International, also aka the R&D biggie that has now landed in the Valley. Yep, we’re about to be cutting-edge.

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