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What if Steph Curry had ended up at Virginia Tech?

steph curryVirginia Tech could have had Steph Curry, and probably would have, if he had taken them up on the offer to walk on.

“Turns out,” Curry wrote, in an article posted today on The Players Tribune, “Virginia Tech was only meeting with me as — well, I wouldn’t say a favor to my dad, like he would ever ask for that or anything. But it was more like: a courtesy? A walk-on spot for the legend’s son? I’d have to pay my own way.”

To be fair, it wasn’t Seth Greenberg who made the actual offer.

Greenberg sent an assistant to meet with Curry.

“Or in other words: they weren’t interested,” Curry wrote.

Which has to make you think, what could have been.

Curry went on to get a scholarship at Davidson, where he went on to average 25.3 points per game in three seasons, including a magical run to the Elite Eight in the 2008 NCAA Tournament.

Greenberg’s teams at Tech weren’t bad, earning one NCAA bid, in 2007, but twice were relegated to the NIT.

The guards on those teams were pretty good – Zabian Dowdell, Jamon Gordon, Malcolm Delaney.

It’s funny to think that Curry might have had a hard time, at least initially, cracking the rotation, but that might have been the case.

I mean, the Tech coaching staff thought he didn’t merit a scholarship, right?

But, imagine, if Curry ends up at Virginia Tech, Greenberg and Co. recognize what they have, and he goes on to do there what he ended up doing at Davidson, and has done since in the NBA.

(He’s done OK for himself, you know.)

I love Seth Greenberg on ESPN. He’s a great interview when he comes to Charlottesville with GameDay, and he is a big fan of Tony Bennett.

OK, though. Nice that he’s built a second career since being let go by Tech in 2012, but …

He’s still coaching if he offers Steph Curry a scholarship.


That 2007 team that got him his one tournament bid wins the ACC. Maybe the 2008 team makes the Elite Eight run.

Then, 2009, beyond.

Seth Curry doesn’t end up at Duke. Your program’s all-time legend isn’t sitting in Cameron wearing a Duke sweater.

There’s a statue of Greenberg out in front of the still-feels-like-new Bojangles Arena in Blacksburg, the 17,000-seat palace that rocks all winter long.

What could have been.

Column by Chris Graham

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