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What are the signs indicating it’s time to file for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is frightening proposition. A lot of news about “bankruptcy” is seen on the media every now and then. You get to hear nightmare tales of solid business tycoons going bankrupt from an established state.

As we live in an economy where credit card provides clutter our mailboxes. Also, living in the burden of debt is also an accepted norm. However, a lot of companies are keen to know the signs to find out the right time to declare one bankrupt.

How do you define bankruptcy?

A business is said to go bankrupt when it owes more than what it can afford to pay. Bankruptcy aids in liquidating your assets so that you can clear your debt as soon as possible. The cash that you receive from the assets gets distributed to your creditors such as credit card firms and banks.

The Benenati Law Firm considering specific circumstances and based on it expert lawyers at this law firm will assist in determining the type of bankruptcy that will be the most beneficial for their clients.

Assess the situation

You need to assess your present financial situations to find out whether you are at a brink of declaring your business as a bankrupt. You need to check whether you only make minimum payments on the credit cards.

Do you find that bill collectors call you up? If you find that the mere idea of sorting your finances fills you with fear. Then it could be a potential indicator of your business nearing to be considered as bankrupt.

Does your business only use credit cards in order to make payment for necessities? If you are not sure of the total amount that your business owes, or you are thinking about debt consolidation, then they are the major indicators of your business going bankrupt.

Notice your financial assets

To determine your financial state, it is important to take all financial assets into considerations such as stocks, retirement funds, real estate, bonds, college savings accounts, vehicles, and other types of non-bank account funds.

You need to collect your credit statements and bills. If you find that the asset value is lesser compared to the debt amount that you owe, then declaring your business as bankrupt is one way to come out of a troublesome financial situation. Bankruptcy should not be taken lightly. It is not an easy and simple remedy for out of control debt.

What are the ways to declare a business bankrupt?

There are two ways by which your business can go bankrupt. One way is to file for bankruptcy willingly. The second method is that creditors will ask the court to order a person as bankrupt.

There are various methods to file for bankruptcy. Each of these methods has got its own advantages and disadvantages. You may wish to check with the lawyer prior to proceeding so that you can find out the right fit for the circumstances.

Some of the common reasons to file for bankruptcy are huge medical expenses, unemployment, overextended credit, and marital issues.


Hope the above information would serve you as a useful guide to learn more about bankruptcy. The above-mentioned questions would definitely assist you in assessing any financial danger areas in your business.

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