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What are the best casinos in the U.S.?

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In the United States, the first gambling halls were saloons. Their development has been concentrated in a few large cities such as Chicago and San Francisco. Today, the United States is home to the most casinos in the world. Not to mention the famous city of Las Vegas, recognized as the city and the world’s gambling capital. We offer you an overview of the best casinos in the United States.

The very popular online casinos in the United States

As you may know, a casino is a place where its customers can wager on a number of games to win larger sums of money or prizes. Today, land-based casinos are no longer alone in their field as online casinos are growing. In the United States, online casino games are extremely popular. Their reputation is as much a major asset of the brand as the physical casinos. Many brands emerge each year, and it is sometimes difficult to navigate this multitude of online offers. just launch the USA casino review, which will allow you to select the perfect online casino that will best suit your needs.

The Bellagio: The fanciest casino in the United States

Without a doubt, the Bellagio is one of the best casinos in Las Vegas. It is in an area called “Strip”. Each year, the casino welcomes millions of professional players and thousands of visitors from all over the world. It was the big casino in the movie Ocean’s Eleven. Annually, it hosts the world’s largest poker tournament. While the Bellagio is arguably the most famous Las Vegas casinos, the MGM Grand is the largest casino in Las Vegas. It has an area of 15 800 m². Players can enjoy the 2 300 slot machines or the 178 poker tables.

FoxWoods: The largest casino in the United States

Contrary to popular belief, America’s largest casino is not in Las Vegas, but in Connecticut, in the northeastern United States. FoxWoods is located just a few hours by car from New York and Boston. It boasts an eye-watering 7 000 slot machines, 400 poker tables, 824 hotel rooms and no less than 29 restaurant bars. Players can also relax in spas or be entertained in the many performance halls, theatres, and golf courses.

Casino Borgata: The most famous casino in the United States

Located in Atlantic City, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa offers a casino, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and a garden. This 4-star hotel complex has several casino rooms with its 15 000 m² and 4 100 slot machines. Year after year, the Borgata Casino has grown to offer its customers games of all kinds. Slots, roulettes, poker, there is something for all tastes and ages, if you are over 18.

Story by Camille Chenal

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