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Two Virginia cities among cheapest places to enjoy brunch, mimosas

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If you love brunch, mimosas, and the wonderful state of Virginia, you’ve come to the right place. Even if you’re not a Virginia resident, it’s probably safe to say that most people love some type of brunch food, whether it be pancakes, waffles, or a classic eggs benedict. Mimosas are a popular choice of drink as well for brunch goers if they’re old enough. But while everyone loves brunch, two Virginia cities get the pleasure of saying that they offer some of the least expensive brunch and mimosa prices in the whole country.

According to a recent Sky Blue Credit report on the most and least expensive cities for brunch, both Richmond and Virginia Beach rank as two cities that have cheaper prices. Sky Blue Credit found this information by looking at the three most-reviewed brunch restaurants at each large city in the US and averaged the cost of meals, drinks, and more.

First up is Virginia Beach, where it is ranked #2 for the least expensive brunch meals without beverages. The average cost of a meal in Virginia Beach is just $7.70 on average, allowing for plenty of Sunday morning good eats between you, your friends, and your family on a smaller budget. Virginia Beach ranks just behind Portland, Oregon, where the price of a meal is just a bit cheaper: $7.20 a meal on average.

If you enjoy pairing your brunch with a tasty mimosa, Virginia has got you covered. Another Virginia city, Richmond, ranks as one of the cities with the least expensive mimosas. While Richmond isn’t ranked as high as Virginia Beach, it still ranks in the top ten least expensive cities for mimosas. An average mimosa in Richmond costs $6.50 on average. The cheapest mimosas, which are just $4.75, are in Austin, Texas. Whether you decide to have a drink with your meal or binge on a few drinks to have a good time, you’ll get the best deal in Richmond.

Sky Blue Credit also found the average cost of a cup of coffee and a meal with a beverage in each city. While the full data isn’t available for Virginia Beach, it is for Richmond. Richmond’s brunch isn’t ranked among the most or least expensive brunches, but for the sake of informing, we’ve got you covered. Brunch in Richmond costs $10.92 on average, while a cup of coffee costs an average of $2.65.

Even if you don’t live in Virginia Beach or Richmond, don’t hesitate to visit one of your local brunch spots for a Sunday treat. It’s likely that the prices won’t be that different from the ones seen on this list. However, if you are in either of these two cities, take advantage of some of the cheapest brunch and mimosa prices in the country. You definitely deserve it!

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