Top things to mind when you’re choosing your water fountain

Water fountains are great. Some are made for interior decoration like the wall mounted water features for indoor while others are meant to be the heart of exterior décor. That being said, there are many different sound variations that the water fountain is capable of .Each embodies a different set of needs or emotions that people look for when they make such a purchase. If you want to buy your own water fountain for either interior or exterior use, that’s great. However make sure that you are buying the right one by examining the sounds the fountain makes. Ideally you will want to go through a variety of options before choosing, so that you are better prepared on what to look for. In this article, we are taking a look at how to set yourself up for success in buying a water fountain.


How fast is the water falling?

The water that falls into your waterfall is one of the most important elements that you need to pay attention to. The speed at which water travels is essential for you especially when you’re trying to get a specific sound. Some like a little more aggressive tones while others are all about the subtle and gentle touches.


What determines the speed at which water is falling?

This is quite simple to wrap your head around. The speed of the fount’s waterfall is determined by how long the fountain itself is.  Fountains usually have a main basin and an ensemble of smaller plateaus on which water slowly makes its way down. The length of this column determines if water will be trickling from a high place or a low one in relation to the main basin.


Can you modify the falling speed?

Not in all cases, but more modern fountains come with switches that allow the owner to change the speed at which the water is falling. This provides said owner with multiple options as to what kind of sound they want for their fountain. Some days you might be in the mood for something a little bit more aggressive so you have the fountain trickle fast with the help of the programmable water pump incorporated in the fountain’s design. Other days you might be more willing to hear a very slow trickle which yields an entirely different effect on the listener.


Amplification and external influences

It’s not just about the speed of falling water but also about the environment in which you out the fountain. There will be a drastic difference between a fountain standing in the middle of an echoing room and one that is in the middle of a secluded garden.  This is once again a matter of personal preference and necessity. Depending on where you want to put the fountain, it’s wise to research the various fountains that can provide the specific sound you want to interact with your setting.


Making the right choice

IN a situation such as this one where everything is very subjective, it’s pretty hard to make what would be considered the wrong choice. You can however make a choice that will not favor your specific needs, so you won’t enjoy it as much.

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