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Performing physical activities combined with good nutrition is the best way to keep your body in optimal condition. Practicing sports can become a hobby in your life. Physical exercise is beneficial at any time, but you will be surprised to know how many advantages it can offer if you practice it during study periods:

  • Practicing sports will reduce the stress generated by the studies, exams, delivery of papers, etc. It stimulates mentally and physically and helps channel nerves, the mood improves due to the segregation of endorphins and tensions are eliminated. When finished, a unique feeling of well-being is obtained that helps to have more desire, attitude and dedication to the study.
  • Performing physical exercise increase the production of new neurons in the brain areas dedicated to learning and memory.
  • Playing sports fosters attention, concentration and reinforces the cognitive abilities of the brain.
  • Improves physical endurance. The next time you face a long day of study, you will see how your body gradually begins to resist more and does not suffer so much for that sacrifice. It is not necessary to make great efforts, you can even choose to exercise at home and you will see the benefits in a matter of weeks.
  • Practicing sports like us soccer or uva football improves blood circulation and breathing, therefore, the brain is more attentive and focused.
  • Sports helps to rest better, something that is fundamental for a student. If you practice it in the morning you will be more active during the day and you will notice it when it comes to falling asleep at night, which will help you to perform much better the next day.

As you can see, there are many benefits of practicing sports for students. This are the 5 best prestige sports for students:

  1. Swimming: One of the most complete sports of all, since all the muscles of the body are exercised, it increases the flexibility and corrects the postural problems, as long as it is carried out correctly. In addition, the aquatic and warm water environment relaxes the body and mind, considerably reducing anxiety and stress. Also, its high level of technical complexity fosters the spirit of self-improvement among students.
  2. Football/Soccer: This popular sport, besides being fun, teaches teamwork, increases the concentration and aerobic skills. Like most sports, it improves cardiovascular health, tones and provides strength, endurance and muscular flexibility. It is also highly recommended to lose weight because, running for 30 minutes allows you to burn 430 calories.
  3. Basketball: Improves concentration and develops agility, coordination and reflexes. Likewise, the values of respect and tolerance are present in this sport that fosters the spirit of cooperation and teamwork among students.
  4. Climbing: Sport climbing helps to overcome fears and develops a spirit of companionship and responsibility due to the constant decision making, improving the cognitive process. At a physical level, it improves coordination, flexibility, balance and the strength in legs and arms.
  5. Tennis: This sport has gained much popularity in recent years. It is a very complete and intense sport that helps improve cardiorespiratory health and increases flexibility of the abdomen and back muscles.

Exercising on a regular basis is an excellent method to improve health and prevent diseases. With benefits both physically and psychologically, it is an extremely positive activity for all types of people. It is important to have a good medical insurance such as Optima Health so that you do not have any problems in case of injuries.

Sport is an excellent hobby for college students. All the above sports sections are so popular that students even buy term papers in order to save time on their hobby.

It may be difficult to combine study schedules with the time that the exercise requires. However, it is not necessary to lock yourself in a gym or run a marathon, just dedicate 30 minutes a day and practice one of these sports to keep in shape. Be part of the college gameday and start practicing sports frequently.

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