Top 10 affiliate marketing trends


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Affiliate marketing is a thing that has blown up digital marketing into pieces. And, as any other industry, it has its own trends, forecasts and possible disasters. There are so many of such ideas that it a day will be not enough just to name them all, without discussing them. We are going to stop on top points that every affiliate marketer should be aware of. We don’t say that all of them will happen, but if it becomes so, you will say: Ugh, the danger is over.

  1. Experts from all over the world insist on hard work. Skipping from one subject to another will not give you high results, while constant work with you clients that includes your website optimization, work on design, stable communication with clients and answering all their questions – that will strike. You may not have 10 000 visitors a day, but that thousand that can see your eagerness to help and attentive treatment can give you enough money. To get more sales and achieve better results try online advertising network
  2. Affiliate marketing is closely connected with the environment at which people are ready to buy. It is not necessary to be genius to see that videos are growing in their popularity, so video hostings like YouTube will be of great use for affiliate marketers.
  3. Selling for the process itself doesn’t work anymore. Think about the area you can be an expert and promote the products from the point of customers’ experience and needs. The more you spend time for you niche, the more interested and loyal audience you get.
  4. Tor Refsland is inclined to think it is high time to stop working on several lines at once. Concentrating on one website is enough if you give relevant, unique and useful content …for free. In this point we would like to add that cooperation with “colleagues”, i.e. other professional affiliate marketers, will help you to enlarge your traffic and, of course, don’t forget to say something nice about their products.
  5. Content has long ago taken royal position and is not going to leave it, vice versa it feels there more than just comfortable. Even old-timer in marketing has got that it is the time to renovate the website with quality content and simple keywords inserting is not enough to earn audience confidence.
  6. Marketing appeals to become mobile are true for all the game participants and if you still don’t have mobile version of your website well developed – hurry up to correct it.
  7. If you are worried about reposts in social media, let’s stop worrying. As it was said above, work on the quality of your texts. After getting respect and trust from your audience – they are very likely to retweet it even without reading.
  8. Quick way to get commission will be in combination of simple ads on Facebook with various webinars where the goods are stated as partner’s (with some your own added bonuses). Webinars help sells be convenient and simple.
  9. Give your clients examples. Showing how good this or that product is, it is not enough. Link to the item in your post is good, but it can’t work in full. Tell how you used the product and what the results after using. Vivid example, especially from the person you trust to, works more than any other words or tricks.
  10. We must say that it is exactly the moment to come out of the shadows. Anonymous recommendations look ridiculous nowadays. You should become a spokesperson. Talk to people in social media, reply to their comments, male online translations. Seeing your face, hearing your voice make them instinctively think that they know you more or less and, thus, can trust.

In general, the trends are not so much different they used to be recently, but they are absolutely different with the ideas in the beginning. Can you agree with it? What has also become different to your mind?



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