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Tips on getting the right queen-size mattress

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A queen-size mattress is a good choice for couples who don’t need as much sleeping space or who want more living space in their bedroom. Single sleepers may also find they prefer plenty of space when snoozing, and the increased size of the queen over a full-size mattress makes for the ideal fit. However, If you don’t want to go through the trouble of comparing and analyzing all the queen size mattresses available in the market, you can take a shortcut by looking at the top 10 queen mattresses choice decided by Bedding Pal.

Queen Bed Dimensions

Queen mattress dimensions are usually 60 inches wide by approximately 80 inches long – 7 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a full-size mattress. These added inches can make all the difference in comfort, especially for couples, and have made the queen-size mattress today’s most popular mattress size. However, with 30 inches of personal space, each adult still has 8 inches less width than if they slept alone in a twin bed.

There are a few variants of Queen Mattresses, each varying from each other by a little.

Standard Queen         80 inches length          60 inches width           9-16 inches depth

Olympic Queen           80 inches length         66 inches width           9-16 inches depth

California Queen         84 inches length          60 inches width           9-16 inches depth

Things To Look Out For When Looking For The Right Queen Mattress

Determine Your Budget for Queen Size Mattress

Not anyone will have the budget to walk into a store and buy something for several thousand dollars. Luckily for you, there are many online options you can choose from ranging from $500 to $1200.

Don’t get confused here. More money does not mean better quality. If you think that some of these online options are somehow worse than in-store ones, you are badly mistaken. Stores tend to inflate the prices as much as 1000%.

Don’t always go with the cheapest option you find

This is a rule of thumb for most products you buy online, not just mattresses. If you are planning on spending less than $500 for a queen mattress, you will probably end up with a mattress that has lower durability and more toxins. That will significantly lower your sleep quality in general, which is not what you want.

Higher price does not mean higher quality

I bet you already know this one, but it’s still worth mentioning again, HIGHER PRICE DOES NOT MEAN HIGHER QUALITY.

Go with $1,000 range for queen size

This is usually where you will find the best bang for your buck, this $1000 range will hit the sweet spot and balance between budget and sleeping experience with your Queen Mattress.

Choose Your Queen Size Mattress Material

This is where things start to be more subjective. Different materials will cater for different types of sleepers for different needs. There are many types of materials out there in the market, but here are the few common materials.


Perhaps one of the biggest advantage in purchasing an innerspring queen mattress is that it is one of the most affordable options on the market.

Another consideration is that these mattresses are known to last for decades. Spring beds are exceedingly durable. Being that the springs are typically made from different types of metals, they tend to keep their shape for many years.

Innerspring queen mattresses are said to be ideal for people who want strong support, durability, cooling and great bounce. It also has excellent edge support.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam Queen Mattresses are said to provide superior comfort and support for the entire body. Anyone who’s pressed their hand into this material immediately understands its appeal.

When you lift your body from the material, it slowly regains its original form, essentially making it perfect for every body type and every sleeper.

Another unique property of memory foam is its motion isolation capabilities. When sleeping on a Queen Memory Foam Mattress, you won’t have any issues with your partner moving around late at night.

Memory Foam Queen Mattresses are commonly known to be ideal for people who want body shaping, contour, pressure relief and good support.


These mattresses are known for their fantastic cooling and comfort. Latex has a good bounce, responsiveness too.

There are two types to choose from

  • Natural – The more healthy option and environment-friendly. But it’s also more expensive, you will expect to pay around $2000 for a decent natural latex mattress.
  • Synthetic – Made by mixing synthetic polymers with natural tree sap. These are less expensive but less healthy in turn.

Latex Queen Mattresses are known to be the best for people who want good cooling, responsiveness, and bounce.

Choosing The Right Queen Mattress For Your Sleeping Position

Back Sleepers

The most important factor for back sleepers is firmness and support. If your mattress is too soft, your body will sink and cause back pain. You would want to look for a medium to medium-firm Queen Mattress.

Side Sleepers

It’s best that you go with a softer option to provide for an equal distribution of pressure while you’re sleeping on your side. You would want to look for a medium-soft Queen Mattress.

Stomach Sleepers

The idea is to provide equal distribution of weight across your entire body as your torso will apply most pressure. You would want to look for a medium to medium-firm Queen Mattress.


The important factors have been briefly covered, there are no perfect mattresses in the world that will satisfy everyone. However, one of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for a Queen Mattress is to also look out for your partner’s sleeping habits to find a good balance between you two.

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