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This is the most popular couple’s nickname in Virginia

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Apparently, using pet names in your relationship is one of the best ways to increase satisfaction and feelings of intimacy. Those names you save for nights at home with your significant other are actually signs you two are connecting on another level. PDA can be the worst, but pet names are a way to show affection for one another without using touch, and science encourages it.

Pet names, especially when used between romantic partners, have been found to scientifically increase both partners satisfaction in the relationship. Both men and women reportedly use pet names for one another, but this survey pointed out more men used pet names than women.

Here’s another reason to use pet names. It’s been recently proven that developing your own language, to an extent, with your significant other is a good sign. You are quite literally developing your own love language when you use nicknames with each other that have some kind of significance in your lives. However disgusting it sounds when you hear baby-talk, the development and use of it between you and your partner points toa stronger emotional connection.

Take that sickeningly sweet talk with your honey, and add some pet names to your repertoire. Apparently you do not need to be creative to get the satisfaction out of using them because the most common pet name for couples across the United States is, overwhelmingly, babe or baby. The Black Tux, a tuxedo rental company for special events like weddings and proms, took a look at what couples call each other and then diced up the data to look at what different generations use for pet names, male and female pet names,  and finally, the most popular pet name in each state.

In Virginia, the most common pet name honey, which is far less common than babe or baby.

It seems like every other day there’s a new dating term to learn and then consequently watch out for. First there was ghosting. And then there was mooning, caspering, cloaking, cricketing, and who knows – what’s next? For the most part, these terms make it seem like dating is a completely different ballgame than it was for previous generations. Let’s face it – it really is, more or less, a completely new ballgame. In fact, it’s a totally different league.

Gone are the days of drive-in movies and aggressive woo-ing. Dating, now, is influenced by a bunch of things previous generations didn’t have to contend with like social media. Okay, mainly social media. Technology changes the game just a bit further, offering people a new way to connect on a social or romantic level. Millennials have learned how to connect on other levels though because their opportunities to connect have increased.

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