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Valley Playhouse Presents The One More Last Chance Diner

Valley Playhouse presents The One More Last Chance Diner, written and directed by Jay Zehr, at Court Square Theater in downtown Harrisonburg.

Valley Playhouse presents Outside Mullingar by John Patrick Shanley

Outside Mullingar, by John Patrick Shanley, directed by JMU Professor emeritus Tom Arthur, will run at Court Square Theater April 14-24.

Valley Playhouse presents If There’s A Rock and Roll Heaven

After the success of 2011’s The End Of The World As We Know It, local playwright and director Jay Zehr brings his newest comedy to the stage at Court Square Theater with the world premiere of If There’s A Rock And Roll Heaven.

Valley Playhouse presents Chasing Manet

The Valley Playhouse and Court Square Theater present Tina Howe’s Chasing Manet – a dry, witty comedy, an amusing fantasy of two women struggling to adjust to life in a retirement home.