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Tort reform bills pass House committee

The Virginia House of Delegates Courts of Justice Committee cleared a major tort reform package on Monday, sending six pieces of legislation to the floor of the House of Delegates for final approval. The legislative package represents a major compromise between the business, medical and legal communities and will make significant changes to key areas of Virginia’s tort laws. The measures will help reduce costly and unnecessary lawsuits, streamline the litigation process, protect the integrity of the tort system and reduce legal costs for Virginia businesses.

Focus | Verga makes case for GOP nomination in Fifth

   Story by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net What’s wrong with America, if you ask Laurence Verga, isn’t just with the direction that the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress is taking, but what their Republican predecessors did, or rather didn’t do, ahead of them. “One of the reasons our country is in the challenged position it […]

Good Intentions + More Government Control ≠ Health-care Reform

Column by Norman Leahy Primum non nocere, a Latin phrase meaning “First, do no harm,” is the first principle in the provision of health care. It should also be a first principle in health-care reform. Of course, this assumes the debate is truly about health care and not just another excuse to further expand the […]