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Here we go again: Iraq is a threat to the United States?

The civil war that is breaking out in Iraq cannot be confined to Iraq, the implication being that, as in 2002, in the runup to the disaster that was our first war in Iraq, yeah, we need to spend another trillion dollars, countless young lives and the rest.

9/11: Bin Laden’s Victory

Column by W.R. Marshall Gen. David Patraeus is leaving Iraq. Osama Bin Laden has won. A simple declarative statement — and an unfortunately true one. The victory was handed to him by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al; the Neocon architects of the now ironically entitled “War against Terror.” A war that was lost before it […]

Coming home when it’s over, over there

Op-Ed by Clyde Winter ClydeWinter.wordpress.com Opinions Wanted! Click here to learn more There have been over 60,000 official U.S. casualties, and about 4,000 U.S. dead in Iraq. So far. (That doesn’t count, for some reason, the “private contractors.”) There is no rural community, no urban or suburban neighborhood, without families that have suffered devastating combat […]