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Combating hate: A Radical Leftist guide to gun control

Gun control is a big issue to many leftists. The Democratic Party has campaigned for years on a platform of gun control.

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Dems sit in: And Speaker Ryan learns a media lesson

House Democrats, as of this writing, are staging a sit-in to try to force a vote on gun control legislation.


Poll: Virginia voters strongly back gun control

A new poll of Virginia voters show broad, strong support for a variety of gun control measures.

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McAuliffe seems to welcome criticism from Everytown on gun bill

Gov. Terry McAuliffe has reversed course on gun control and is taking the incremental approach. A one-time ally is calling foul.

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Creigh Deeds: Snow, guns and Nelsonite

Many elected officials view the issue of guns in black or white terms. Legislators either vote for gun control or they vote to protect the Second Amendment.


Fact sheet: Obama executive actions on gun violence

President Obama is set to announce executive actions on Tuesday aimed at curbing gun violence. The White House released a fact sheet detailing the actions late Monday.


The government needs to put itself on the No-Fly List

I usually don’t dip my feet into the perilous waters of the gun-control debate for several reasons.


Tim Kaine backs No Check, No Sale bill to close background check gun sale loophole

Today, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine joined Richard Blumenthal, Chris Murphy and Dianne Feinstein in introducing legislation to close a current loophole that allows gun sales to proceed if a background check is not completed after 72 hours, even if the gun buyer is not legally allowed to purchase a gun.


Poll: Latest views on guns, mass shootings

Republicans are less likely than Democrats – and, in some cases, even gun owners – to see gun violence as a greater threat than terrorism, and are more likely to advocate for more guns as a way to reduce shootings, according to results from the latest Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind poll.

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#DemDebate: Bernie Sanders isn’t one for shouting, except when he’s the one shouting

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders didn’t respond well to questioning on his NRA-leaning votes on gun-control legislation. Pressed by Hillary Clinton on his five votes against the Brady bill and his vote in favor of legislation giving gun dealers and manufacturers immunity from lawsuits, the self-styled socialist sounded like anything but.

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‘Enough is enough’: Sen. Mark Warner leads new Democratic Party push on gun control

Today, U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) joined fellow Senate Democrats in unveiling principles for new gun safety legislation, launching a major effort to pressure congressional leaders to pass new laws.

Democratic Party House candidate Ellen Arthur on mass shootings, need for legislation

Ellen Arthur, the Democratic Party nominee for the House of Delegates seat in the 24th District, is tired of deferring to those who get defensive when the talk after a mass shooting turns to ideas for how to implement sensible gun control measures.


What do we want? Virginia voters leaning Republican, but support Democratic issues

Polling done this week by Christopher Newport University shows that Virginia voters are leaning Republican in the 2015 Virginia General Assembly races. But at the same time, voters are showing strong support for policy positions on key issues like minimum wage, gun control, payday lending restrictions and redistricting reform advocated by Democratic candidates.

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Yes, Virginia, it’s time to act on gun control

Virginia made history last week – not for the kind of event for which we would like to be remembered, but one nonetheless that took place on our soil and will be talked about around the globe.

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The Chris Graham Show: Gun rights, gun control and WDBJ

The Chris Graham Show dives into the tangled topics of gun rights and gun control in the wake of the tragic WDBJ shootings.

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Tim Kaine calls on gun dealers to cease gun sales until background checks complete

Today, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine and 12 of his Senate colleagues urged gun dealers to stop selling firearms to people who do not first pass a background check.

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Mark Obenshain: The governor is at it again

Last night, both chambers of the General Assembly convened with other government leaders to hear the Governor deliver the annual “State of the Commonwealth” address.

Pushing buttons? Open carry guys seem to want their guns taken away

The open carry gun groups sure are getting what they want. If what they want is more public pressure to put restrictions on gun rights.

Report: NYC mayor Bloomberg buying TV spots to support McAuliffe

A pro-gun-control super-PAC backed by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is prepped to spend $1.1 million on TV ads in support of Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe in the final two weeks of the 2013 campaign, according to a report in Politico.

Ken Plum: Where is the outrage?

The NRA just took out of office two legislators in Colorado who had voted for modest gun control measures. The message is clear–speak out on ending gun violence and we will get you at the ballot box.

Rochelle Lefkowitz: Forget me not

New moms often get frilly, even funny cards and e-greetings for their first Mothers Day. But this Sunday, the first Mothers Day after Newtown, twenty Connecticut mothers will get no sweet, hand-lettered card or chalky clay handprints from a much-beloved young son or daughter. Instead, it will simply be another day to put on a brave face for family and friends, to live through the daily heartache of unbearable loss.

Goodlatte: It’s not the pizza, it’s the box

Great question from PBS political reporter Mark Shields to Sixth District Congressman Bob Goodlatte today at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast. Shields asked Goodlatte, a power broker in the House GOP as the chair of the Judiciary Committee, whether the Republican Party’s recent electoral problems are “the pizza or the box,” that is, the product that the party is offering voters, or the packaging.

Poll: Virginians favor gun control laws, doubt their effectiveness

Virginians favor many gun control regulations while they think that better enforcement of existing laws is more likely to prevent gun violence. And, they do not blame lax gun laws for mass shootings, according to The Roanoke College Poll. The poll interviewed 583 Virginia residents between Jan. 14 and Jan. 22 and has a margin of error of +/-4.1 percent. Residents were asked a series of questions about guns and gun violence.


Kaine, Biden take part in gun violence roundtable

U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine on Friday joined Vice President Joe Biden, Representative Bobby Scott, mental health experts, and law enforcement officials from Virginia for a roundtable discussion to highlight strategies to reduce gun violence. The event at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond acted as a forum for Kaine and others to outline measures that were taken after the Virginia Tech tragedy to curb incidences of gun violence and mass shootings.

House committee passes nullification measure

The Republican-controlled House Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee on Friday approved Del. Bob Marshall’s extreme bill that will prevent the Virginia government from complying with federal gun control legislation enacted after Dec. 31, 2012. All Republicans in the committee voted in favor of the legislation.


Democrats push gun safety measures

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting and the morning following President Obama’s announcement of new public safety measures to stem gun violence, House and Senate Democrats held a public safety press conference in the House Briefing Room on Friday.

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Senate Republicans block gun control measures

Republican senators on the Senate Courts of Justice Committee defeated several proposals to reduce gun violence on a party-line vote on Friday. These measures were all backed by substantial majorities of Virginians in recent opinion polls.

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Obama goes on offense on guns

President Barack Obama stepped out into the political crossfire on Wednesday, issuing a sweeping series of proposals aimed at limiting gun violence that includes criminal background checks on all gun sales and a ban on military-style assault weapons.

Kaine calls for comprehensive proposals to reduce gun violence

As Vice President Joe Biden continues his meetings with stakeholders this week in an effort to develop a new set of policies to reduce gun violence, U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) today expressed his support for a specific and comprehensive set of proposals.

Poll: Virginia voters favor armed guards in schools, gun restrictions

We are a schizophrenic lot, apparently. A new Quinnipiac University poll of Virginia residents released on Thursday reports that we support by a 66 percent-29 percent margin putting armed police officers in schools, and also support by a 60 percent-36 percent margin limiting gun purchases to one a month.

Ken Plum: Shots heard ’round the world

Newtown, Conn., joined a list topped by Blacksburg, Va., of the scenes of the most tragic mass murders in our history. This list contributes to the United States having 80 percent of all firearm deaths among the 23 populous, high-income countries in the world.

Candidate for Republican LG nomination blasts Feinstein

E.W. Jackson, candidate for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor of Virginia, released a statement on gun rights on Monday.

Chris Graham: ‘Meaningful contributions’ from the NRA

The National Rifle Association pledged to offer “meaningful contributions” to make sure that school shootings like the one last week in Newtown, Conn., that took the lives of 26, including 20 first-graders, would never happen again. Those “contributions” took on a familiar form on Friday, with the gun-rights lobby attacking gun-control laws and unveiling a plan to placed armed guards in every school in America.

Goodlatte in position to block new gun control laws

Sixth District Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte will be the chair of the House Judiciary Committee when Congress reconvenes in January. That’s the same House Judiciary Committee that will have oversight over any gun-control measures to be considered by Congress in the wake of the mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school that has sparked a new national debate on guns.

Charniele Herring: Arming teachers ‘the wrong approach’

Democratic Party of Virginia Chair Charniele Herring released the following statement on Friday responding to increasing rhetoric from Governor Bob McDonnell, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Virginia Republicans suggesting arming Virginia teachers to keep schools safe:

W.R. Marshall: Newtown, Connecticut

I waited a week…I still have nothing to say—there is nothing to say. I lie to my third grader so she can sleep, I can’t. A lie that says nothing bad happens here, there are no bad people here—the lie melts away as soon as it’s spoken; not because it’s a lie, but because a lie needs words, and there are no words.

David Reynolds: A Child’s Christmas

You remember the way it was on Christmas morning. You thought today would never come. December was twelve months long.

Chris Graham: Two in three in favor of their own gun control

One in three households own a gun. That means two in three don’t. Wonder what that might mean? Not to say that everyone among the two in three that don’t own a gun by definition are automatically in favor of strict gun control, but let’s just say this – there’s a reason those folks have enacted their own strict household gun-control policy.

McDonnell: Arm teachers

Twenty first-graders were among the 26 massacred at a Connecticut elementary school last week. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell suggested today that the massacre wouldn’t have happened if a teacher or school administrator had been armed.

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Mark Warner: ‘How can this go on?’

Mark Warner is known as a different breed of Democrat. Among the areas where he has stood out has been his steadfast support of Second Amendment rights. A comment posted by the senator to his Facebook page on Monday in the wake of the tragic events at an elementary school in Connecticut that left 27 people dead – including 20 first-grade students – shows that Warner is moving in a different direction on gun rights.