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Five reasons your blog posts aren’t ranking

The success behind every online business is affected by in part by its search rankings. Google is the number one search engine used by most online users today.


It’s time for a change in Waynesboro

Waynesboro City Manager Mike Hamp, writing a death warrant for the city’s future, is recommending that the City Council back out of a longstanding agreement with the Wayne Theatre Alliance.


Shenandoah National Park featured in Google online exhibit

In a partnership between the National Park Service and Google, Shenandoah National Park will be featured in the Google Cultural Institute.

Report: Crash rate for conventional vehicles higher than rate of self-driving cars

A report from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute shows that the crash rates for self-driving cars are lower than the crash rate of conventional cars.


Were you ready for Mobile-geddon? These Augusta Free Press clients were

Google’s Mobile-geddon is upon us. The web giant is now producing search results for mobile users that give more weight to websites that it considers mobile-friendly.


Mobilegeddon is nigh: Is your website going to get lost in the Google mobile-friendly search shuffle?

Google is changing the way it ranks search results based on how mobile-friendly a website is. Translation: if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re not going to be on page one of search results.

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt to deliver 2015 Virginia Tech commencement address May 15

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt will address Virginia Tech’s Class of 2015 during University Commencement exercises on May 15 at Lane Stadium/Worsham Field.


The country has spoken: Time to change direction on tax extenders

As the post-election lame duck session gets underway, Congress has an excellent opportunity to show that they’ve heard the American people loud and clear by acting on tax extenders.


Marijuana, medical or otherwise, is on the horizon

Recreational marijuana laws were on the ballot in Alaska, Oregon, the District of Columbia and Florida. They passed comfortably in Alaska, Oregon and DC.

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The Dark Side of Political Life: Five ways to promote civil discourse

Do we have to continue with “I’m okay and you’re an idiot” in our political life? The short answer is no, but getting there will not be easy.


Field of Dreams doesn’t work in business, or online

The great baseball movie Field of Dreams introduced to us the concept of If you build it, they will come, the idea that building a baseball diamond in the middle of a cornfield could attract fans from across the world, the important part being that you had to build it first.


Chris Graham: Big government, big business, screw the little guy

This one is almost a good idea. “Virginia’s economic success is directly tied to the success of our small businesses,” said Gov. Bob McDonnell in a statement in a press release announcing an initiative that will do anything but.

Jim Bishop: It’s hard to keep pace with the Cyberspace Race

Column by Jim Bishop Here I am, geographically separated from my office, composing on a laptop computer that I was given – almost unexpectedly – the compact unit running on battery power with a wireless connection to wherever the signal goes before an electronic communiqué is sent on to the designated recipient (at least, I […]