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Mark Warner: On new EPA standards, climate change

Virginia is at the center of the national debate on climate change, with our coalfields in southwest Virginia and the Commonwealth’s coastal cities beginning to see the impact of sea rise.

Earth Talk | ‘Clean’ coal?

Dear EarthTalk: As I understand it, “clean” coal really isn’t—yet the Bush Administration gushed strongly for it. What is Obama’s take on it? – John Zippert, Eutaw, Ala. Barack Obama and George W. Bush differ in many ways, but both have embraced so-called “clean coal” for providing an ongoing supply of cheap and readily available […]

Ad Watch: Obama ‘Figured’

The Obama-Biden campaign today released a new TV ad that will air in Virginia, “Figured,” highlighting Barack Obama’s record as a champion of clean-coal technologies. Length: 30 seconds [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz8f3VK5eyI]

The Top Story: Obama and coal

The Top Story by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net A funny thing happened on the way to me writing the story about how out of touch Barack Obama is on the Southwest Virginia coal industry. Turns out that he’s not. “The truth is that if Sen. Obama has his way, and we impose these massive new taxes […]