Set trends with your style this year

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The last few years have pushed social media platforms to the forefront for trending if nothing else. As technology advances, so does the amount of time we spend glued to our electronic devices. Whether it be for fashion, dance moves, memes, or pop culture. With apps such as Tik Tok, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat, everyone from celebrities, up-and-coming streaming stars, and the everyday Joe has received some kind of recognition for the latest post, video, or meme they have artfully constructed for their adoring fans.

You may not be a participant in these new ways of advertising yourself and your trendy ways publicly, but that does not mean that you can not influence those around you. Every morning while preparing to start your day provides an opportunity to decide if you are going to be a follower or a leader. All you really have to do is leave the house, and you will be seen out and about with whatever you wear, accessorize with, or carry with you. Individual styles can vary as much as anything else in life. It is just time that you become aware that you can set trends with your style starting this year.

1.  Skincare, make-up, and hair

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a face should be worth 1,000,000. Your face is generally the first thing most people notice about you. You could have the coolest threads and the raddest kicks, but if your hair and face are a mess, you will remain yesterday’s news. From the top of your hair to the tip of your chin, paying very close attention to your facial appearance can be a deal-breaker when setting trends. Current trends include:

  • Skincare: microdermabrasion, figure 1 beauty, botox)
  • Make-up: natural, colorful eyes, smoky eyes, bronzer and highlighter, lashes and brows)
  • Hair: (radical haircuts, rainbow colors, extensions)
  • Face: (piercings, modifications)

If you want to set trends, make sure you are looking your best from head to toe. Do not forget about those luscious locks and bright complexions!

2.  Accessories

There are many trendsetters who have risen to celebrity solely based on accessories. Past eras have brought back chokers, layered chains, handbags galore, stylish wristwatches (Jack Mason), and even pets in strollers. Even if you do not have the budget to shop for the more expensive designer brands that A-listers thrive off of, you can still improve your accessory game tenfold. Here are a few tricks to begin trending with things you can comfortably purchase, or things you may already own:

  • Dig out a vintage handbag from your closet and repurpose it
  • Incorporate a favorite hobby into your accessories
  • Accessorize by a theme (color, geometric pattern, favorite animal print)
  • Announce your profession to the world by adding accessories that represent it
  • Buy local (add handmade accessories to your style)
  • Pair up with a friend and go twinsies
  • Make your own accessories (jewelry, bandanas, hats, scarves)

The sky is really the only limit to setting trends this year. All you have to do is put on the little things that will make your unique style jump off your person and say, “Look at me!”

3.  Shoes and apparel

Shoes and apparel are probably the most popular areas of style that set trends. What your wear in terms of clothing defines who you are whether at school, at the office, or during your off time. Shoes and clothing not only reflect individual tastes, but they also reflect the times in which we live. How many times have you watched a movie, commercial, or television show and knew instantly when it was filmed because of the clothing the characters were wearing? A few trends from past decades include:

  • The 1970s – bell-bottom jeans, platform shoes, butterfly collars
  • The 1980s – big hair, leg warmers, crop tops, miniskirts
  • The 1990s – baggy pants, flannel shirts, overalls, windbreakers
  • The 2000s – headbands, denim, blazers, streetwear, logomania

Here we are in 2021. The trends keep coming. As with every generation, new trends appear and old ones make comebacks. You may wonder what combination of clothing and show style is best for you. Or better yet, you may want to set trends of your own this year. Combinations could include:

  • Sundress with Martens
  • Skinny jeans, flannel shirt, and sneakers
  • A pantsuit with platform sandals
  • T-shirt, skirt, and flip flops

Whatever you decide on, you can definitely be a trendsetter this year.

4.  Tech

Setting trends this year does not stop at your appearance. Technology is a way of life now in which there is no going back. Many people choose to live as simply as possible and have not managed to keep up with the advances of the 21st century, but others have not only embraced it but are reveling in it. Walking into the homes of the most tech-savvy of individuals is almost akin to going to an electronics store. Popular devices include:

  • Smart TVs
  • Game consoles
  • Closed-circuit tv
  • Computers tablets
  • Tablets
  • Whole house sound systems
  • Doorbell camera systems

Technology options are endless! You may be wondering how you can set trends with technology. An obvious option that you may consider is something you use nearly every day: your cell phone. The options for cellular devices are better than ever. Styles include:

  • Touch screen phones
  • Convertible phones
  • Flip phones
  • Blackberries
  • Phablets

You could also pair your phone with a smartwatch. Smartwatches come in many brands and designs as well. They are easily customizable with a variety of band choices and colors for each unique individual. Go ahead and add yourself a pop socket while you are at it!

5.  Social media presence

We have already talked about how social media has affected trending in recent years. Social media has created stars from couch potatoes as simple as uploading a ten-minute video to the internet. A little ingenuity will get you as many likes, followers, or views as you ever imagined with just a little organization and planning. It can be a little daunting, but if they can do it, then why not you?

When it comes to trending, it is all just a matter of individual taste. If one person finds something fantastic, then there are surely many others who will also. So, you have found your hair and make-up pocket. Your clothes and shoes are on point. You have tech gadgets to get your content out there. Now it is time to choose your platform and record some content. The most popular platforms, which are producing the most infamous trendsetters currently, are:

  • Tik Tok
  • YouTube
  • FaceBook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Twitch

Now all you have to do is take some pictures, record some videos, or create some memes and upload them!

Trendsetting has always seemed like an endeavor for the famous. In the past, only those with the greatest reach to the masses were capable of making things popular, which is the epitome of setting trends. In these present times, anyone with a flair for the dramatic and a decent recording device can influence the public.

In terms of the general public, all it takes is a little self-confidence and a desire to ignite change. Whatever your forte might be, you are capable of being just as trendy as any celebrity or social media star. Get out there and set trends with your style this year.

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