Salim Henareh shares the top 11 marketing trends for 2021

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As the years go by, marketing professionals are continually having to up their game. The marketing techniques that worked well in past years may have little to no effect now. It pays for marketing professionals to examine the newest industry trends and stay ahead of the crowd when promoting their clients’ products and services.

Salim Henareh, a business expert from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, shares the top 11 trends influencing the marketing world in 2021.

1. Virtual events

The advantage of a virtual event is that it can be run 24/7, with no regard for any pandemic-related restrictions. This could be especially important in the many parts of the world where vaccination rates are not taking off at the same speed as countries like the United States.

Marketing prospects are invited to your event at certain points in the funnel, and they can engage with the event in multiple ways. They can watch videos, read information, and connect with other users. After the event, they should be directed to your product team.

2. Consumers beginning to ignore digital ads

One of the lingering effects that the COVID pandemic has had on the marketing world is that customers have been sitting behind their screens for 18 months and are, in many cases, experiencing digital fatigue. Brands need to start thinking beyond this advertising format to engage with their customers in thoughtful ways.

A possible new avenue for marketers to explore is advertising that is viewed outside the home. This fits with the trend of more people exploring the world outside their homes after having been cooped up for an extended period of time.

3. Automation

Marketers turned to automation in 2020 because they lacked the resources to have everything done by personnel. They discovered that automating marketing messages made them more efficient and gave them better results. Smart marketers will continue using automation in 2021 and taking advantage of its cost-effective properties.

4. Interactivity

Interactivity has long been promised, but in 2021, it has become a reality. Virtual events were big in the early days of the pandemic, but people began to expect more from these events as time went by. They wanted to talk with a person rather than engaging with a slickly produced video or website. Panels and discussions help marketers engage their targets’ attention and make them feel like part of the community.

5. Focus on customer needs

Customers must be put at the nexus of making decisions in 2021. Sales, marketing, and customer service teams need to be fully integrated and aligned. Using an authentic voice and keeping customer pain points in mind will go a long way toward creating a positive marketing environment.

6. Brand authenticity

Purpose and meaning allow companies to show off their authenticity. Companies need to know why they participate in their activities, including manufacturing, sales, and marketing. They need to have a central purpose that will draw customers to their company. Being upfront with their message will help to bring in customers who are better aligned with it.

7. AI and machine learning

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning have continued to be influential in the marketing sphere. Companies need to use it in more sophisticated ways to stand out in 2021.

In 2020, many companies came to rely on AI chatbots to manage easy customer inquiries. These chatbots integrated marketing and customer service quite well.

AI also improves the process of examining and analyzing leads. AI engines can choose the most exciting prospects based on a range of quantifiable characteristics.

8. Changing adoption of social media sites

Salim Henareh explains that most marketers have accepted that they need to be present on the “big three” social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Creative companies are beginning to recognize the potential of the video-sharing app TikTok, which is now branching out from a network used primarily by children and teens to an all-ages marketplace for viral content. Youth-focused platforms require a different strategy than that which is effective on the more traditional platforms, and it pays for marketing firms to learn this language.

9. Increasing interest in user privacy

Apple made waves in the marketing world when it announced that its new OS would allow customers to prohibit tracking across websites. User tracking is a vital source of data for marketers and doing without this, user targeting could harm a marketer’s prospects.

10. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been growing for many years, but it will take on new importance in 2021 as traditional digital marketing avenues are declining. Influencers have a unique ability to sell products and raise brand visibility.

11. Direct mail

As some aspects of digital marketing are becoming less important, avenues like direct mail are stepping up to fill the void. Customers are accustomed to ignoring “junk mail,” so it pays to bring your customers an extra incentive like a coupon if you spend the money to send them direct mail.

Marketing trends to follow

These marketing trends will help your firm get ahead of the competition. Understanding how to apply these trends to your work is key when making marketing decisions. Salim Henareh reminds marketers that trends are continually evolving, and it pays to stay on top of them. Creating innovative solutions that go beyond these trends can bring in even more revenue.

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