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Rasoul applauds House vote on Medicare payments

Item by Chris Graham

The House today passed legislation that would eliminate a proposed cut in Medicare payments to physicians scheduled to take effect next month and create a small payment increase beginning next year.

Sixth District Democratic Party nominee Sam Rasoul applauded the 355-59 vote in the House in favor of the measure, styled HR 6331.

“I am pleased that the House held firm to fully funding Medicare so as not to adversely impact working-class families who are struggling especially with current energy costs,” Rasoul said.

“The current economic downtown is making it difficult enough for many Americans to make ends meet without having to add additional worries about decreasing health care coverage. Medicare patients will be able to continue being treated by their physicians without worrying about the possibility of refusal,” Rasoul said.

Rasoul’s opponent in the Nov. 4 election, Republican Bob Goodlatte, voted with the majority in favor of the bill.

Seventh District Republican Eric Cantor, who has been mentioned as a possible player in the GOP vice-presidential sweepstakes, was the only member of the Virginia congressional delegation to vote against the legislation.

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