Quick and easy yarn ornaments for your holiday tree

You bought a big pine tree from the lot, tied it to the top of your car and drove cautiously on the way home. Then you lugged it off of the roof and through the front doorway so that you could nestle it in the right corner of your living room. Now that it’s standing tall, you want to dress it with string lights and ornaments to make it shine.

holiday tree

People who prefer to DIY should make their tree ornaments instead of getting boxes of them from the store or online retailers. It will be much cheaper to buy craft supplies and save your money for other holiday expenses.


A straightforward way to prepare your decorations in a short period is to get a lot of yarn. Go to the one-stop online shop Yarnspirations to browse through the unbelievable selection of yarn that they have available for your projects — it would be smart to order different colors, fibers and weights to have a varied supply on hand. If you change your mind about any of the spools you bought, they have a forty-five-day return policy that can help you out.


It’s incredibly easy to make pompoms in different shades to hang off of the tree branches. You can either wrap thick yarn around the tines of a fork or get your own pompom maker — you can order the tool from Yarnspirations to avoid any fumbling and get amazing results every single time. Skip fine cotton yarns in favor of ones with thicker fibers to get the balls to look fluffy.

Keep it simple by making monochromatic ones in holiday colors like red, green and golden yellow. If you have a little more time, make snowman ornaments out of two small white pompoms stuck together with hot glue and tiny finishing touches like felt top hats, yarn scarves and twigs for arms.

Wrapped Baubles

Another fun idea for yarn ball ornaments that you can follow on your own or do with your children is to coat cheap foam balls with tacky glue and then cover it in a neat coil of yarn until no white spots show through. Before you begin, stick a paper clip into the ball so that you can tie a ribbon through it and hang it up.


If you have young kids, you should try to make yarn wrapped Christmas tree ornaments with them — all you need to do is cut out a cardboard triangle and then envelop every inch with green yarn. To make it look like a miniature version of the tree in your house, coat it with glitter and baubles. You can also use this technique with brown yarn to make adorable reindeer heads, along with pipe cleaners for antlers and red pompoms for bright noses.

Yarn is an extremely versatile and affordable material, which is why you should use it for your decorations. By the end of the week, you can have a tree covered with fuzzy pompoms, wrapped spheres and cute popsicle stick creations.

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