Psychic reading: Science or scam?

Does a psychic phenomenon really exist, like cognition and telepathy? Many think this is not so, but some are of the opinion that this idea is perfectly correct. Many self-styled intellectuals think cognition and things like telepathy are merely superstitious; they see it as mere remnants of an ordinary irrational view of the world and believe that such things should have been buried by now under the invincible boulders of the modern materialistic world of science. Will it interest you to know that many of the things put down as being superstitious are actually real?  Continue reading to find out if these ideas are real or mere superstitions.  If you want to know more about online related services you can also check for absolutely free psychic reading here

Philosophical Reasons

Unknown to many materialistic scientists, every living being has a limited measure of awareness of what reality really is. These materialistic scientists are of the opinion that the world is as we view it and that there are no natural laws, phenomena or forces that control the universe. For instance, the human level of awareness differs from that of other beings living on earth. The humans in the coming years will also end up with a wider scope of reality than humans. The level of knowledge differs from one person to another and as such, materialistic scientists are in error for putting down what they do not understand as a complete nonsense.


Materialistic scientists are of the opinion that the produces human consciousness. Some of them have also concluded that brain activity is an illusion or epiphenomenon produced via cognitive activity. It may surprise you that these materialistic scientists do not have any evidence to back this up; it is merely an assumption. Scientists have carried to several types of research in this regard, but they are far from reaching a conclusion about how the human brain produces consciousness.

This idea compelled some scientists to arrive at something called “radio model.” This model concludes that the brain function is not related to the production of consciousness but rather to reception of consciousness existing outside the human makeup. According to the radio model, consciousness is a fundamental property of the universe potentially in everything and everywhere. The brain functions in picking up consciousness in the environment and canalizing it into the human internal being. This definition is in agreement with telepathy since it hints at a fundamental association with living things.

Quantum Physics

According to materialistic scientists, telepathy cannot be proved via any law of physics; they, therefore, conclude that such an idea is not real. Unknown to these set of scientists, the scope of quantum, physics is limited and does not provide for concepts like telepathy. Also, studies show that quantum physics does not completely exclude the possibilities of telepathy. Also, some theories have come up that quantum physics can be used in explaining telepathy.

One other theory that proves the verity of psychic reading is called the ‘quantum engagement.’ This theory states that different particles interconnect and react with the movement of one another. As a result, the particles cannot be treated as individual particles, but as part of a whole. All these are interconnected on the microcosmic level, according to the quantum engagement theory. Consequently, quantum engagement suggests that it is possible to easily exchange information through telepathy. This theory is equally linked to the shared field of consciousness earlier discussed.

The entangled and interconnected state of particles creates a bridge between the visible and the invisible world, which makes it easy for psychic readers to connect to the extraterrestrial world on behalf of the person seeking the service of the psychic reader.

The quantum engagement theory supports the fact the world is more complex than what the ordinary eyes can see. Bear in mind, however, that more studies are still ongoing in this regard.

Empirical Evidence

Many of the empirical studies of today offer highly convincing evidence of pre-cognition and telepathy. For example, nine experiments were carried out in this regard by Daryl Bem some years back. More than a thousand participants were involved in the experiment. Eight out of these participants displayed considerable statistical evidence for premonition and precognition. The work was greeted by a lot of criticism, but the same result has also been obtained from different studies and researches

In the last few decades, several related experiments have been conducted on this same issue and nothing ever put forward by the critics have been able to explain the outcomes of the experiment away. Anyone open-minded to the possibility of pre-cognition, telepathy, and other related phenomena will not find it difficult to accept the fact that this empirical evidence supports the reality of psychic reading. In reality, something is going on beyond the physical world.

A lot of people have owned up to several psychic experiences in their personal lives and many of these experiences have proved to be too real to be thrown overboard. At times, these experiences can come in the form of pre-cognition or even in the form of dreams. Be that as it may, they do don the toga of reality that makes them worthy of note.

Anecdotal Evidence

Anecdotal evidence is not acceptable to many scientists and they rarely accept such as proof of the reliability of pre-cognition and telepathy. Despite the desire of the materialistic scientists to put down anecdotal evidence as being immaterial, it can still stand as supporting evidence to the reality of psychic reading, pre-cognition, telepathy and so on. Anecdotal evidence must, however, be combined with some other available evidence before being considered as tenable. The reader should also understand that the age-long dominance of phenomena, like clairvoyance, and telepathy, is a sign that there must be some reality to these phenomena. If these phenomena are not true, the dawn of the information age would have eradicated them. Strangely enough, these phenomena seem to be gaining more ground even in the information age.


The points given above indicate that psychic reading is not a scam, but a complete reality. What is more, this reality can be proven scientifically. Many materialistic scientists put down the idea of psychic reading, but their opposition to the idea does not in any way prevent the reality and probity of this idea.


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