Pity da fool

Best Seat in the House column by Chris Graham

chrisgrahamonuvafieldI complain a lot in this column – really, a column should be about 95 percent complaining, and 5 percent finding tearjerking stories to show folks that the writer has a heart.
But I digress – because this is one of the 19 of 20 times when I’m upset about something. Not that one time when I see the good in the world.
SI.com made me look like a fool – well, that, and my lack of fact-checkers.

I complained in my Winners and Losers column yesterday about how Virginia didn’t get a sniff in the national polls after beating Arizona – only to discover last night that the Cavs had in fact been ranked in the Associated Press Top 25 (at #23).

(They were still left out of the coaches poll. Kudos to those dolts.)

The reason for my confusion – I checked the rankings section of the SI.com college-basketball site, and it had as of Monday, Nov. 19, Arizona at 1-1 and still ranked #17, and Virginia deep down in the Others Receiving Votes category.

So … I took that as being the poll for the week of Nov. 19. You know, assuming that since the day and date on the poll indicated such …

Ah, whatever, right?

No. I felt like a Grade A doofus when I found out.

So now I’m going to blister SI.com.

Um …

Er …

OK, it’s Thanksgiving. I forgive you.

(Just don’t let it happen again.)


Chris Graham is the (usually conscientious) executive editor of The SportsDominion.

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