Patrick Mahomes: Rising star

nfl footballFootball fans will agree that their excitement has reached to new heights lately, following Patrick Mahomes! The new quarterback of Kansas City Chiefs keeps on impressing watchers whenever he gets on the field. The player has two arms like any other player, but his right arm is anything but normal! Many will agree that it is a gift from the gods, a gift that can make Mahomes the best quarterback!

In his first three games, Mahomes had 62 completions on 93 attempts which makes a 66.6% for 896 yards, 13 touchdowns and zero interceptions. The quarterback is off to the best starting career in the history of NFL through his first three games. His excellent scores remind us of other amazing start careers of players such as Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz and Andrew Luck. Not only can Mahomes be compared to these quarterbacks at the beginning of their careers, he can be matched to other quarterbacks at any stage of their careers! After all, the young player broke the score of Peyton Manning’s 12 touchdown passes, by his score of 13 only in the halftime. He keeps breaking scores each week, and there seems to be no end to his premium gaming skills. Do you want to perfect your gaming skills to look more like Mahomes? You can do so that Moon Games, a top mobile phone casino. Carry the games everywhere you can, and perfect your gaming skills on various available games! Who knows? You may become the Mahomes of online gaming at Moon Games!

Patrick Mahomes is in pace for 4,778 passing yards, 69 passing touchdowns and zero interceptions. Even if he misses on the interceptions, he is ready to break the single-season record for touchdowns, which stands at 55, a record set by Manning with the Broncos! Even if Mahomes’s pace decreased by a downtouch per game, he will set a new record for the NFL at only 23 years old.

The news and the fans attribute his non-stopping success to his god-gifted right arm. However, the Kansas City Chiefs state that making Mahomes their starter, is not just about his arm. The arm only makes him different and is what will drive fans towards him. It helps build highlight packages around this throw, and the one thing that will separate him from other NFL players!

In an interview with the Chiefs Facility, Mahomes said that he doesn’t want fans to see him just like an arm. He wants to be seen as a great quarterback who just happens to have a great arm! He puts forward that there have been many quarterbacks with divine arms like himself but haven’t made it to the top because quarterbacking is not only about an arm, it’s about using it to make miracles happen!

Patrick Mahomes is at a great start of his career and fans are sure wishing that he keeps the same level of play on the field. Son of the famous MLB pitcher Pat Mahomes, Patrick Mahomes played college football at Texas Tech and have been sought by various football teams for a professional career. Nonetheless, he chose the Kansas City Chiefs and is their rising star now!


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