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The world of NFTs has expanded rapidly in the past few years. New projects have moved far beyond digital artwork, using NFTs as the basis for play-to-earn video games, expansive metaverses, and more.

With new NFT projects being released all the time, it can be hard to know what projects to focus your attention on. In this guide, we’ll review the 10 best new NFT projects for 2024 and show you how to buy a new NFT today.

The Best New NFT Projects 2024

We’ve checked out dozens of new NFT projects to bring you our favorites for 2024. Here are the 10 best new and upcoming NFT projects for this year:

  • TamadogeOverall Best New NFT Project for 2024
  • Battle Infinity – Exciting Metaverse with NFTs and a Fantasy Sports Game
  • STEPN – Walk-to-earn Fitness Game with NFT Sneakers
  • Moonbirds – Unique NFTs You Can Nest to Accrue More Benefits
  • Treeverse – Upcoming Metaverse Game with NFT Trees
  • Azuki – Anime-themed NFTs Offering Access to The Garden Metaverse
  • Women Rise – A New NFT Collection Supporting Women’s Causes
  • Guild of Guardians – An Upcoming NFT Game for Exploration and Battle
  • MapMetrics – Drive-to-earn NFT Devices for Your Car or Bike
  • NFTWorlds – A Growing Multi-metaverse for Creating, Gaming, and More

The Best New & Upcoming NFT Projects Reviewed

Want to know more about what makes these new NFT projects stand out? We’ve reviewed each of the top upcoming NFT mints to help you decide which one is right for you.

1. Tamadoge – Overall Best New NFT Project for 2024

Tamadoge (TAMA) is an exciting new project that offers so much more than the meme coin tag suggests – not only does the TAMA token offer the hope of huge gains, Tamadoge promises real world utility through an exciting play-to-earn game and NFT ownership.

The Tamaverse sees investors mint Pets which earn holders rewards when they breed, feed, groom and care for them and watch them grow. It’s a similar to the Tamagotchi toys that took the world by storm in the 1990s, only that by 2023 these will be fully 3D and then available in augmented reality by Q3 2023.

TAMA 1 million

Once their Pets are big and strong enough, they can battle others and climb up a global leaderboard to earn rewards and prizes – and in AR, Pet owners can go out into the real world and hunt for TAMA tokens.

TAMA has a small circulation of just 2 billion tokens and the presale allocation is being bought up quickly – sales rocketed past $1 million this week.

2. Battle Infinity – Exciting Metaverse with NFTs and a Fantasy Sports Game

Battle Infinity is another great pick. It is building a ‘multiverse of metaverse’ where users can enjoy a wide range of experiences as well as some of the best NFT games on the market.

The first of these experiences is IBAT Premier League, a fantasy sports game based in the metaverse. IBAT Premier League players must have an NFT pass to play, and once they have a pass they can establish a budget and create a team. Players who score the most points in their league are rewarded with Battle Infinity’s native token, IBAT.

battle infinity presale

Looking beyond IBAT Premier League, one of the especially neat things about this metaverse project is that users will eventually be able to create their own new NFT games that anyone can play. IBAT tokens serve to create a unified economy within the Battle Infinity metaverse, and players can come together to trade this metaverse crypto coin at a decentralized exchange within the platform.

Battle Infinity sold out its presale allocation in just 24 days, raising 16,500 BNB or around $5 million. While NFT passes for IBAT Premier League are not yet available, the token is going to be going live on exchanges such as PancakeSwap.

Keep up to date with the latest news in the Battle Infinity Telegram group.

3. STEPN – Walk-to-earn Fitness Game with NFT Sneakers

STEPN claims to be the world’s first ‘walk-to-earn’ or move to crypto game (also supporting jogging and running). To join this Solana-based game, players purchase a pair of NFT sneakers. Then, for a limited time each day, they can walk, jog, or run and earn cryptocurrency in the process. The more NFT sneakers that players own, the more time they get to run and earn money each day.


In addition, each pair of NFT shoes within STEPN offers specific benefits. For example, some sneakers double the owner’s steps and some offer more time each day to earn crypto.

Although STEPN is new, the project’s sneakers have quickly gained value because of their earning potential. The floor price for STEPN NFTs is currently 1.3 SOL, or around $50. According to STEPN, users have already run or walked more than 83 billion miles while playing this game. In our opinion, this is one of the best upcoming Solana NFT projects of 2022.

4. Treeverse – Upcoming Metaverse Game with NFT Trees

Treeverse is a new metaverse play-to-earn crypto game that promises an open world for players to explore. Within this metaverse, players will be able to go on quests, battle monsters and other players, and create homesteads.


Treeverse will incorporate multiple different NFT collections, including limited-edition avatars. But what’s most unique about this new NFT game is its collection of NFT trees, or what Treeverse calls ‘NFTrees.’

Players can purchase NFTrees and then plant them on homesteads within the Treeverse metaverse. The trees then grow fruits that provide players who eat them with special benefits like increased strength for a limited time. Players can sell the fruits from their trees for whatever price they want, enabling them to earn money from their NFTs in perpetuity.

There’s no release date set for Treeverse yet. But, this is one of the upcoming NFT games we’re most excited about for later in 2022.

5. Azuki – Anime-themed NFTs Offering Access to The Garden Metaverse 

Azuki are a collection of 10,000 NFT artworks featuring anime-style characters. The collection, created by Los Angeles-based cooperative Chiru Labs, is one of the most successful NFT mints of the past few years. Within hours of launching, the project raised a whopping $87 million worth of Ethereum.




The artwork involved in Azuki is partly to thank for this project’s sudden success. Each Azuki includes a character that blends modern street style with traditional anime artwork and styles. The collection is especially popular in Asia.

However, future plans for the Azuki collection are also responsible for the hype around this new project. The artists behind Azuki are planning to launch an accompanying token called $BEAN (after Azuki beans), metaverse-based experiences, real-world meetups, exclusive merchandise, and more.

Most recently, the creators of Azuki launched 20,000 more NFTs called Azuki Beans. These miniature characters build on the original art collection and lower the barrier of entry to owning an Azuki of your own.

6. Women Rise – A New NFT Collection Supporting Women’s Causes

Women Rise is one of the best new NFTs to support social causes. This collection features a set of 10,000 diverse women characters, each randomly generated from a set of hundreds of hand-drawn features. The collection is the work of artist Maliha Abidi, an internationally acclaimed Pakistani-American artist.

Women Rise

One of the best things about the Women Rise collection is that part of the funds raised from this NFT drop will be donated by Abidi to women’s causes around the world. Specifically, Abidi hopes to support charities focused on girls’ education, gender equality, and mental health for women. A portion of all royalties from NFT sales going forward are also being donated to support these causes.

The Women Rise collection has already sold out, but Abidi plans to drop 10 new NFTs later in 2022. These NFTs will be randomly airdropped to current Women Rise owners, and you must own at least 5 NFTs to qualify. Abidi is also working on plans for a Women Rise metaverse and for real-world meetups.

7. Moonbirds – Unique NFTs You Can Nest to Accrue More Benefits

Moonbirds is an exciting and unique new NFT project from the PROOF Collective that includes 10,000 pixelated owls. The owls themselves are interesting, but what earns Moonbirds a spot on our list of the best new and upcoming NFTs is the ability to nest your bird.


Nesting works a little like staking, but for NFTs. The longer you nest your Moonbirds NFT and don’t resell it, the more benefits it accrues. Long-time owners may be the first in line for future NFT drops, become eligible for payouts from the project’s treasury, and more. That provides a lot of incentive for owners to hold onto their Moonbirds, which in turn pushes up the floor price of this NFT collection.

Moonbirds also come with some attractive benefits even before nesting. Owners get exclusive access to the PROOF Discord community and will be first in line to receive access to the upcoming PROOF metaverse.

8. Guild of Guardians – An Upcoming NFT Game for Exploration and Battle

Guild of Guardians is one of the most-anticipated upcoming NFT games of 2022. This multiplayer, open-world RPG involves an expansive metaverse where you’ll find magic, elves, evil monsters, and much more. Players can approach the game on their own or band together with friends to take on the toughest quests.

Guild of Guardians

The primary NFT collection within Guild of Guardians is the guardians themselves, which players can purchase to join the game and begin exploring. The developers have not yet announced how many of each guardian there will be or how much they will be minted for. However, they have indicated that the game will be free to play even for those who don’t purchase an NFT.

Players can earn a new token, GOG by playing and battling within Guild of Guardians. The game will also feature NFT items that players can collect throughout the world and a built-in marketplace where players can swap NFTs.

9. MapMetrics – Drive-to-earn NFT Devices for Your Car or Bike

MapMetrics is a drive-to-earn NFT platform that aims to build real-time traffic maps. With MapMetrics, you install a ‘Special Position Tracker’ device in your car, on your motorcycle, or on your bike. Each Special Position Tracker is an NFT that is uniquely linked to your vehicle.


As you drive or bike, the Special Position Tracker collects data about your travel speed, traffic conditions, and more. Importantly, NFT owners are paid for this data in the form of MMAPS tokens. So, the more you drive or bike, the more MMAPS tokens you can earn.

Notably, MapMetrics isn’t only for NFT owners. Anyone can access the real-time traffic maps that the platform creates using data from Special Position Trackers. Ultimately, the goal of MapMetrics is to provide maps similar to those currently offered by Google Maps, but by paying users to collect the data used by the platform.

10. NFTWorlds – A Growing Multi-metaverse for Creating, Gaming, and More

NFTWorlds is another of the best upcoming NFTs for 2022. This metaverse ecosystem is directly inspired by Minecraft, the ultra-popular world-building game. With NFTWorlds, players can build their own metaverses, create custom mini-games, or explore the virtual worlds created by others.



The catch is that there are only 10,000 worlds available within NFTWorlds, and each world is an NFT. These NFTs were given away for free last year, although NFTWorlds is fully launching in 2022.

Right now, NFTWorlds is enabling users to mint virtual avatars at a cost of 0.4 ETH each. NFTWorlds is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

While every metaverse created within NFTWorlds can stand on its own, they’re also interconnected through the platform’s native WRLD token. Players can use WRLD to pay for experiences within metaverses or earn WLRD through play-to-earn mini-games.

How to Discover New NFT Projects

Our list of the best new NFT projects for 2022 offers a great starting point for jumping into the world of NFTs. But if you want to find more new and upcoming NFT drops before they launch, you need to do some research.

Here are the best platforms for finding new NFT projects:


Twitter is the #1 place to find out about new NFT projects. It’s where most artists, game developers, and crypto founders first announce that they’re working on something new.

Often, you can find information about a project on Twitter even before the project has a website. Following a project’s Twitter account is also a good way to get invited to its Discord community later on.


Reddit is a hub of crypto activity, so it should come as little surprise that it’s another platform where project creators announce their new work. To find new projects on Reddit, you’ll want to keep an eye on NFT, crypto, and gaming-related subreddits.


Discord is a social media platform where you need an invite to join each channel. So, it’s not on its own the best way to find new projects, since every project’s channel is gated.

However, once you find out about a project, joining its Discord community is a great way to get the latest updates. Many NFT projects use Discord to announce new drops, offer exclusive rewards to early supporters, and organize real-world and metaverse meetups.


CoinSniper is a relatively new platform that analyzes new crypto projects to determine whether they’re as good as they claim. The team at CoinSniper conducts an independent review of each new project and publishes their results.

CoinSniper doesn’t find every new project, but it’s a good place to start if you’re looking for projects that are more promising than average. CoinSniper


CoinMarketCap is a go-to resource for all things crypto. While the platform doesn’t specifically track new NFT projects, it does track new cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and STOs.

Many NFT projects, including play-to-earn NFT games, release tokens alongside their NFTs. CoinMarketCap tracks these tokens, so following ICOs on the platform can be a good way to spot new NFT projects.

NFT Marketplaces

Of course, NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, and Nifty Gateway are terrific places to find new NFTs. These marketplaces have pages specifically devoted to recent NFT launches, making it easy to find hot new projects.

However, these marketplaces mainly cover NFTs that have already dropped. So if you’re looking to get in on an NFT project pre-mint, you’ll need to look beyond NFT marketplaces.


New NFT projects are pushing the bounds of art, gaming, metaverse development, and more. We’re especially excited about Battle Infinity, which is creating a new multiverse of metaverses where players will be able to build their own games.

Battle Infinity sold out its presale but potential investors can buy the native IBAT token when it hits exchanges. Keep up to date with the latest news in the Battle Infinity Telegram group.

Tamadoge is another new project that has already raised more than $1 million in the its presale stage.

tamadoge presale

Battle Infinity


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