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Write-in candidate thanks voters for support


Op-Ed by Edward B. Carter

I would like to personally thank Augusta County for the 222 direct votes that I received Nov. 6, 2007, in my write-in candidacy for sheriff of Augusta County.

The facts are, in 2003, Sheriff Randy Fisher received 10,410 votes. In 2007, he received 9,442 votes. A decline of 968 votes. In 2003, there were 36,063 registered voters in Augusta County. In 2007, 40,093. An increase of 4,030 voters.

Do the math – that’s an impact of 5,220 votes on his vote total from my campaign.

Even the Commonwealth’s attorney had an increase of 1,940 votes, but Fisher was in the negative.

That explains my thank-you to the voters.

As to the code not being enforced, in my opinion, if the Commonwealth’s attorney chooses not to enforce it, that is his right. I see a better way. Come to the board of supervisors and ask for enough money to hire staff to prosecute these criminals and not have officers running and telling the citizens of Augusta County to keep calling 911 when all of the employees of the county know that no one is going to go to court. This is a huge waste of the taxpayers’ money.

It is very unfair to the Augusta County as well as the Virginia State Police having to look the taxpayers in the face and lie.

I know a great number of these officers, and when they turn their heads or look away when they see me, that is sad.

The taxpayers are calling Augusta County corrupt because they do not understand the situation.

The Commonwealth’s attorney from Albemarle County lost his job because of the same thing. The taxpayers voted him out and put in Denise Lunsford.

I look forward to seeing that happen in Augusta County.

Augusta County needs a sheriff and Commonwealth’s attorney who have some respect for their employees and keep this type of stress off of them in what is a stressful and dangerous job.


Edward B. Carter resides in Swoope.



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