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The world’s greatest horse races


horse racingThere is something that makes horse racing more special than other sports. Perhaps it is because of the regal elegance of the animals, perhaps it is the breakneck speed that they get up to or perhaps it is because jockeys are willing to push their safety right to the edge for our personal enjoyment. Whatever it is, there is something that just sets it apart from regular sports.

Its history is also quite important, as it has been around for such a long time and has so many classic events attached to it. Royal Ascot, the festival in the United Kingdom, is truly wonderful and has been going since the 19th century. It is regularly visited by the royal family and thus gets a special kind of rubber stamp. There are records of horse racing from hundreds of years ago. There is something about it that just makes it classier. Like Augusta National, the golf club, there is a feeling of reverence you get when you walk around it, you can feel the history and passion around horse racing whenever you attend a race meeting or watch on the television.

There are a lot of race meetings, they happen everyday across the world meaning that it is pretty rare not to be able to watch some great quality horse racing whenever you want. Even when it is winter in the northern hemisphere and the ground is frozen and the horses in their stables there is great racing in the rest of the world, particularly in Australia.

There are though, some events which really stand out, some which are more special than other and are well worth checking out. These are events that young jockeys dream of being at, that horse racing fans dream of seeing in the flesh and that are the ones even non racing fans love. Here are three of the best of them.

The Grand National

The United Kingdom’s premier horse racing event, horse racing is not all that popular in the UK, but the Grand National still gets millions of people glued to their TV screens. For bookmakers, it is a hugely important time of year where they give away Grand National betting offers because so many people decide to make the event their one bet of the year. It is in April and is a race with so much pedigree and history. Make sure to check it out.

The Kentucky Derby

Perhaps the most famous race in the United States, the first Kentucky derby was held way back in 1875. It is really well known across the whole world and is one of the more simple horse races, which is what makes it so special. There is no need for a long track that leaves the horses panting for breath by the end, it is done and over in two minutes. It has to be seen live to really be believed such is the amazing speed of it.

The Melbourne Cup

Held in November and known as the race that stops the nation, the Melbourne cup is Australia’s biggest horse race and can match up with any other race in terms of history and prestige.



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