Home Winners and Losers: Aug. 25, 2008

Winners and Losers: Aug. 25, 2008


Compiled by Chris Graham
[email protected]

NO RULES: Free dinner at Outback

Positive – I got myself a free steak dinner at the new Outback in Waynesboro last night.

Positive – got to meet the owner, who seems like a swell guy.

One drawback – it’s not open for lunch, only dinner.

(Of course, who can eat a 20-oz. Porterhouse for lunch anyway and be productive the rest of the day?)


MORAN PLAYING THE ROLE OF GORE: Gubernatorial nom candidate buys Virginia Dems out of carboon-footprint controversy

OK, so there was no controversy. I’m a headline writer; got to stir some of it up when I can.

But Brian Moran did make some news last week with his campaign’s announcement that he has purchased carbon offsets to neutralize the carbon footprint of the Virginia delegation to the Democratic National Convention.

The delegation will produce an estimated 115 tons of carbon-based pollution from their air and ground travel to and from the convention, their accommodations while there and various and sundry related activities. The carbon offsets purchased by the Moran camp will be invested in renewable energy.

“Democrats have a long track record as champions of our environment,” Moran said. “Leaving a clean and healthy world for the next generation is both a moral obligation and an economic necessity. It’s important we show our commitment to this cause with both our words and our actions.”


MORE ON THE ART OF INANITY: Jeff Frederick tries to smack down Tim Kaine

“Tim Kaine’s only virtue as a potential running mate is that he would not have overshadowed Senator Obama – as he is one politician in America less prepared to lead America than Obama himself,” said Frederick, a Northern Virginia legislator and newby Republican Party of Virginia bossman.

Frederick threw the kitchen sink at Kaine after Barack Obama passed over the governor to tap Delaware Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate, calling him a “first-term liberal with absolutely no accomplishments” (funny, considering Frederick’s status as a first-term GOP chair with absolutely no accomplishments) “who just abandoned his home state in the midst of a massive budget deficit to campaign for a promotion.”

(Didn’t Frederick say he was going to leave the General Assembly next year to devote his energies full time to the RPV? And then change his mind on that? Dude, pot, meet kettle.)



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