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Sonjay Dutt: Risk and reward


Sonjay Dutt may have fallen short with Jamin Olivencia getting the pinfall at the AWE Night of Legends pay-per-view, but considering the buzz that both have gotten for what many are calling the match of the night on the star-studded card, well, it’s hard to say either guy really walked away from the show with an L.

“It feels great to hear everyone praising our match.  I know that this was really a chance for us to shine, and I know I really stepped it up in there, and by the tough fight that I was given, it’s obvious that Jamin also brought his best,” Dutt said. “Truth be told, it’s my goal to always have the match of the night no matter what card I’m on.  It’s just that competitive spirit in me, and what better avenue to showcase that but on pay-per-view.”

Dutt has a history of shining on big cards, including several TNA pay-per-views. He has his sights set on being the first AWE cruiserweight champion as the company sets its sights on a busy 2012.

“I think the potential for AWE to succeed is there. It’s just a matter of capitalizing on the momentum that we have created,” Dutt said. “For a promotion with no TV show and no national outlet to breakthrough with pay-per-view and draw sellout crowds every night is hugely impressive. It’s obvious that we are doing something right, numbers don’t lie. We have a huge chance to showcase pro wrestling back in the wrestling marketplace, not many people focus on that word. That’s our key. We want to give wrestling fans what they have been longing for – wrestling!”

And the kind of wrestling that Dutt brings night in and night out is what AWE will be known for. In addition to a strong ground game, Dutt is one of the best high-flyers in the business, as was evidenced in what may have been the move of the night in the match of the night at Night of the Legends – an off-the-top-tope, out-of-the-ring dive that caught Olivencia flush on the arena floor.

“It’s risk and reward,” Dutt said of the aerial game. “I know that I’m taking a massive risk, but I also know that the reward is going to be great. It’s those type of out-of-the-box moves that can really take an opponent off his game, and that’s what happened with Jamin.  Also, I know that the fans love it with I take to the air!”

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