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Press Conference: Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer


frank-beamer-ndOpening Statement: We only have to remember to last year and how we got pounded down at North Carolina. They rushed for 339 yards, which was the most anybody rushed against us all year. We rushed for only 40 yards, which was the least that we rushed all season. Regardless of what happened last week, I know how things can happen. This is a good football team that is very capable and we only have to look to last year to know that.

Beamer on Antone Exum: I think he’s seeing the doctor today, but I haven’t heard anything yet. Maybe later today.

Beamer on some of the inconsistencies in NCAA football: I think North Carolina can have a miserable game against ECU. Just like West Virginia and Pittsburgh after their bad weeks, it’s unpredictable. I can’t tell you the reason, but you better be ready to play every Saturday. We learned that last year. When you things are about right, that’s wen they’re getting ready to go wrong, so you better get ready to play each and every week.

Beamer on offense’s ability in a shootout: I think we will play as well as we are capable of and I think we’ll make improvements. We had one dropped pass the other night, but after that we caught the ball better. We made a couple of tough catches. We’d like to get other people involved with running the football other than our quarterback, but I think we’re taking steps in the right direction.

Beamer on Logan’s injuries: The number one thing is that he’s tough. He fits toughness to a tee. He’s that guy. But you’d like to run some other guys a little bit more and him a little bit less, but right now you’ve got to take what you have and try to build on it and do what is best for your football team. I think our offensive staff is doing a great job. I think that as we sit and talk and discuss, we are trying to figure out what our identity is right now. What you’d like for it to be may be a couple of recruiting classes away. But we have some very good athletes.

Beamer on Loeffler’s offensive vision as opposed to what it is right now: Generally, we want to run the football better. That’s where it starts and if you can run the football, your passing game is better. We’ve always approached it that way here. At this point in time, I think we are a little bit better at throwing the football than we are at running the football but we’re not giving up on it. We’ve got kids up front that are great kids, we have running backs that are great kids. They’re not as experienced as you would like but you try to adapt to what you are.

Beamer on Willie Byrn: He’s a little iffy right now, but hopefully by the end of the week he’ll be fine. He’s a tough guy. He hurts his knee, puts a brace on and goes back in. David Wang had to snap with the opposite hand all week in practice and had to come out of the game the other night and go back in. I got a bunch of tough guy stories and I like that.

Beamer on how Exum will affect secondary: II haven’t talked with Bud or Torrian yet. First we need to find out when he’s coming back before we get to talking about this and that. .

Beamer on J.C. Coleman: The system is pretty complicated and he’s been out of practice quite awhile. It’s not like he’s going to jump right in and get a bunch of snaps. I would think he will get more snaps this week then he did last week. He is the one guy that does have experience. He’s got good ability and toughness, so hopefully he’ll have a good week at practice and get more carries this week.

Beamer on the year so far: I really feel like we’re preparing well. I feel like on both sides of the ball we’re coaching well. I think we’re coaching well on special teams. I’ve always been a guy that if things are as good as they can be, I’m going to accept that and right now I’m very pleased in the direction our program is going.

Beamer on Facyson: He is remarkable. Both Brandon and Kendall have some real ability.

Beamer on Journell’s kicking game: The guy is a good kicker. He had a solid kick, good height. He just didn’t follow through on that second one. The thing about Cody is he knows what went wrong. Some guys miss and can’t figure it out. He knows his rhythm. He knows his kick and I feel good about him.

Beamer on Journell threats: I’m not sure exactly what that was but there are wacky people running around everywhere. To me that’s so beyond what makes good sense. Not that it’s not a serious thing, but it’s something you shouldn’t have to think about at the college level. The guys are out there doing there best and there is just no place for it. That wasn’t a good Hokie fan. That was somebody else that wants to try and give your program a bad name. The Hokie fans I know, that wasn’t them.

Beamer on spread out offense: I think anytime you are reading across the board and get the ball where it needs to go regardless of who the receiver is a good thing. If you can’t throw it here, you throw it there. Coach Morehead uses that JUGG machine after practice everyday to throw more balls. He turns that thing up pretty high. We’ve seen a definite improvement on our receiver’s confidence in receiving the ball.



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