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Licensed ham radio operators will be traveling to remote areas of Africa


newspaperAfrica is one of the biggest continents in the world and there are various countries in this beautiful continent. Expedition experts those who carry ham radios along with them always showcase interest to travel through dangerous terrains of various countries and this month they have chosen the country of Ghana which is one of the remote places in Africa. It is difficult to explore the hilly terrains and mountainous slopes of Ghana without ham radios. These certified and licensed ham radio operators will be staying on the remotest places like deserted hills for a short time to test the signal strengths from Ghana to other parts of the world.

They will be operating from high altitudes and communicating various messages to other licensed radio operators those who are staying in both eastern and western countries. Since adventurers consider that 9G5X tour quite risky and dangerous they carry several safety equipment and also ham radios to communicate with nearest stations during catastrophe or distress. Republic of Ghana is very near to equator and the climatic condition will be extremely hot. There will be water, food and material shortage since it is poverty stricken country. But the expedition experts will withstand the cruel temperature and stand under the blistering sun for hours together till they finish their task. There are risky waterfalls, beaches and also ancient museums and monuments in this exotic locale. The experts will also have fun under the sun when they visit Ghana.

Operators will be testing signal strength from the mountain tops

Ham radios are extremely powerful equipment that will transmit signals instantly to the nearest stations and alert the rescue officials. Signals originating from ham will also travel to deep space and return back the communication. It is interesting to note that many aeronautical, marine and space communication team use this wonderful radio for the sole purpose of communicating important SOS messages.  The radio will send the signals instantly and also receive them from nearby radio stations. People those who like adventure and mountaineering trips are aware about dx expedition trips and the risks that are involved in it.

But the adventurers those who take part in these types of dangerous adventure trips will also have lots of fun to forget their miseries. When the adventurers carry hams they will be able to listen to several songs, speak with other members those who have ham, communicate with the clubs, check signal strengths, do lots of research and also do many other interesting tasks. They will face various struggles and difficulties when they stay at Ghana during testing and commissioning and do their task meticulously till they accomplish their assigned tasks.

Hams were originally used by navy, army space and other defense people in the past for sending distress messages like SOS. Now, these radios are becoming very popular and the mountaineers, trekkers and climbers are seen carrying these radios to far corners of the earth. They will quickly communicate with their clubs when they face dangers or extreme distress.



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