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Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or should you go for something else?

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As we live in the age of the internet, we have been using electronic methods to transfer money. It’s been more than a decade since to see Bitcoin coming into the picture by the mystery man called Satoshi Nakamoto. He is the man who introduced the idea of digital currency in the market, and it did a wide range of private crypto-based coins in the market. Soon we came across the proliferation of digital coins, and we now even hear about Dogecoin, which came as a pun but seemed to have done wonders now in the crypto-based market. When it comes to investment, time matters the most to this world. This could include both the timing in the market and the amount of money you want to invest. These two factors play an important role in it. Now, talking about the good time, holding BTC and Dogecoin can work wonders. Well, now let’s understand the difference between the two and then move ahead beyond the same, or you can go through the app – Bitcoin Smarter.

If you look at the bitcoin software, you can find more reports on it. Once you circulate BTC that was created long back before a decade, it seems to have come up with its idea, design, and philosophy. There is only 21M of BTCs in the market, and it will remain the same for a long time. While if you check the BTC under circulation, it comes to around 18.7 M in the market, and by 2140, the rest of the BTCs are supposed to be mined. On the contrary, 10K of Dogecoin has been created in every single block with the faster pace of the block coming every minute. This has come up to around 130 B of the same are now seen in circulation. However, if you look at the BTC founder, the basic idea of this man while creating the coin was to create the exact number of the same.

It is regarded as the first P2P digital cash mechanism that came into existence to survive the recession and tough time witnessed in the market after few years. Bitcoin managed to suffice all the requirements and criteria of any money management system. It is known to have some value, a system that is involved in transferring the same and the asset as well. The key idea behind the same is that this digital money has been accepted all across the globe, and it can become easy to buy or sell it to someone or even hold at any place of the world. On the contrary, Dogecoin came into existence with the help of a software engineer called Billy Markus, and it came as a pun. It simply took around three hours to make the same, while forking was seen getting available for the source code of BTC.

Both BTC and DCG are known to have good support from their communities, and in reality, Bitcoin seems to be very much different than the other named coin. BTC has remained for more than 11 years in the market, and it has managed to face different conditions in the market. A majority of owners of Bitcoin have remained very well informed about it and the technology that goes behind the same. Most of the time, we see the ones challenging the value and advocate for the technology, which seems to have given the order for getting the open-source and then the decentralized money-making mechanisms. Though we see the Dogecoin community coming up with the faster-growing community, the growth seems to be credited on time.

Lifestyle-based celebrities also have no idea about the primary understanding of technology that is seen asking the fans to buy BTC and Dogecoin that can influence them in a big way and even market with some crazy rides. Hence it becomes the precise time for everyone to hold any investment when it comes to coins like BTC and Dogecoin. If you are not ready to decide upon the same, one can see the success of the coin in a big way, as we have seen in recent times. Dogecoin, on the other side, remains a trivial one when compared to BTC. Talking about the other digital coins, one can see their surge very soon, provided they know how to travel the way BTC and others have traversed.

Story by Jean Nichols



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