Press Conference: Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer

Press Conference: Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer


virginia tech frank beamerVirginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer talks with reporters on Monday at his weekly press conference.


Q. On Senior Day
COACH BEAMER: The game coming up we have 26 players, six student managers, six student trainers, two video people, one out of our recruiting office. Out of all these people are very much a part of the program. 41 seniors all together that it’ll be their last game in Lane Stadium. That’s a special day there. We have a special team coming in (North Carolina). Talent is of the level of Ohio State. They’re playing at a high level right now. They scored 125 points in their last two games. You look at their offensive stats. I realized when I turned on the kicking. When I turned on their punt tape, it wasn’t very many. I went back and said, ‘Where’s the rest of the punt tape?’ And they said, ‘That’s it.’ They don’t punt very much. It certainly a challenge. Not only from a defensive stand point, but you look at their defensive stats and they have a lot of defensive stats going on. I have them here but it would take a long time to read them to you. Tremendous team and they have a return guy [Ryan Switzer] who’s had about seven career punt returns and two or kickoff returns for touchdowns. Just a really good football team, really talented, well-coached, very good football team coming in here.

Q. On the reasons behind the improvement of North Carolina’s defense
COACH BEAMER: I think taking advantage of their offense. When your offense scores that much, you get people in situations where they have to do things. I think they’re good about getting you one dimensional. In other words, when they get ahead they don’t mind you picking up a few yards rushing the ball. They just doing want you to get a big play throwing the ball. It makes it easier. They’re doing a good job. They’re certainly improved but I think they’re taking advantage of playing to their strengths. The offense gets ahead and now you’re catching up. I think that’s part of it. Certainly overall they’ve improved their defensive playing for sure.

Q. On who Coach Beamer things UNC will target to stop in VT’s passing game
COACH BEAMER: I that’s a good thing when you have more than one and we certainly have more that one (receiver). But again, but I’d like to keep the other side of it and send the ball to [Travon] McMillian 30 times. That’s what you’d like to do.

Q. On running out of the tunnel for the last time in Lane Stadium as head coach
COACH BEAMER: That’s for another day. Number one, North Carolina gets your attention right away. You don’t any shot of beating them unless you make a great preparation and have a great week of practice. Those 41 seniors that are part of our program. I think about those people too. They’ll be another time. I’m going to have a lot of time after this to think about the last time.

Q. On staying focused for UNC (with it being the last game/senior day/bowl streak on the line)
COACH BEAMER: I think when you get worried about bowl streaks or any other streaks, you’re worried about the wrong thing. I think what you need to think about is exactly what I need to do to help us win against North Carolina and keep it at that. The bigger it gets, the smaller you think kind of deal. For me, it’s what are you going to do on the next play or how are you going to coach the next play. Keep it right there with North Carolina and all the other things will take care of themselves. The most important thing is that we play well against North Carolina. When it’s all said and done, that’s the important thing.

Q. On not having ESPN’s College GameDay despite the social media campaign of Tech fans
COACH BEAMER: I was proud of that 100,000 that got to try to get them here. I said we’d treat them really well if they came. I had a feeling. Those things are so planed so far in advance with planning and TV. They told me it was over 100,000 that got through to them. That’s what I appreciate right there.

Q. On what he remembers about his first game coaching at Virginia Tech in 1987
COACH BEAMER: Too many fourth quarters ago. Naw, I remember all of them. Things just worked out. When I was at Murray State, I wanted to get to this level. But I though I’d have to take a job at the level right below this and be successful there and then get this job. Then (VT Athletic Director) Dutch Baughman came along. I didn’t know at all until the day we met and he interviewed me for the job. We just hit it off. I got this job and I was just. When I came here, we were going on some sanctions that I didn’t realize until I had the job, but I would’ve taken it anyhow. I didn’t realize how tough it was going to be for awhile. I was just excited to have the job. I knew how fortunate I was to run out of the tunnel as a player then to run out of it as a coach at the very place I wanted to be. It’s a dream to be here. I’ve been a fortunate guy. I’ve said that a lot these days, but I really mean it.

Q. On the black uniforms for Saturday and what players approached him
COACH BEAMER: It was John Ballein and the senior captains (and others). That’s one of those things uniforms have kind of been the deal here. I think Oregon got it rolling. We have several ourselves. Nike’s been great to us providing uniforms. Then some of that money when we sell helmets goes to Herman’s Readers which I’m very into that. I just them ready to play. I don’t care what they’re playing in. If they like it, I like it. Let’s just go play well.

Q. His thoughts on his Number 25 on the helmets
COACH BEAMER: I really am into the guys and the organization. For them to be as kind to me as they can it’s just gratifying.



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