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3 security measures used in online gaming

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Casinos have state-of-the-art security to keep players from circumventing casino rules. Malaysia Online Casino offers insight into the security measures that many online casinos and gaming communities are using to keep players from cheating.

1. Data Encryption for User Safety

Data encryption is being used in all financial industries and gaming communities. When you make a purchase online, encryption can help keep financial information safe and secure. Casinos should all be using 256-bit encryption, or at the very least, 128-bit encryption.

Players can tell if a site is using encryption by looking at the URL for https.

If the “s” is present, the site is using an SSL certificate which means that all of the information sent between the client and the server has been encrypted. This is the same high-level of encryption that is being used in all major banks.

2. Regular Auditing

Whether you’re playing slots, 918Kiss or any other game where money can be won or lost online, there are commissions and governments that will conduct regular auditing of the company.

The auditing will ensure that the online gaming system is not rigged in favor of the company and will also monitor the casino for safety.

Licensing allows for these companies to be audited so that there are regulating bodies in place to ensure player safety. Two of the main organizations for compliance, and there are many of them, include:

  1. ECOGRA, or the eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance
  2. TST, of Technical Systems Testing

When a community is especially safe, you’ll find that they provide all of their audits, both good and bad, online for their players to see.

3. True Random Number Generation

Random number generation, RNG, is a method used in algorithms to display a hand of cards, for example, in a random order. The sequence must be truly random to ensure that every part of the game is as random as possible.

If the RNG can be replicated, this allows players to be able to circumvent the system’s main security and use math to win games.

Casinos can also use RNG to their own benefit to ensure that the odds are in their favor when a game is played. The outcome of every game should be truly random so that there’s always an equal chance to win or use the game.

Independent companies or audits can be conducted on the casino’s system to ensure that randomization is truly random.

Online casinos may also employ their own security personnel and systems to lower the risk of players cheating in the casino. Bots may be used by players in an effort to cheat or other measures can be taken to try and have an unfair advantage against the casino.

Both players and the online casinos that offer this form of gaming must keep security in mind at all times.

Players can benefit from reading reviews online and checking to make sure that if a casino needs licensing, that the casino is properly licensed in their respective country. Some casinos will fail to payout to winners which is something that reviews can help a player avoid.



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