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Stop the Presses column by Chris Graham

I’m not much of a fan, as far as being a fan goes.

So the fact that they’re filming scenes for the summer 2007 movie “Evan Almighty” in downtown Waynesboro doesn’t get my juices flowing as much as the next guy.

I claim that, anyway.

“What are you still doing here?” my wife asked me on Monday right around 5 p.m. or so.

I’d been standing on a street corner for going on four and a half hours by that point.

“Er, I’m working,” I responded, pointing to my notebook and tape recorder.

I had been doing interviews to get a sense of what folks had to say about having movie stars like Morgan Freeman and Steve Carell in the Valley, sure.

But the more I thought about it, that wasn’t why I was hanging around for hours on end watching a camera truck tugging a Humvee up Main Street.

“They can’t start without Dickie V, baby!” I remember from one of my first brushes with fame – the lunch table that I shared with Dick Vitale at the Atlantic Coast Conference basketball tournament several years ago.

I didn’t dare say a word to Mr. V – no way, no how. I just sat there, transfixed by what he had to say about the state of basketball and the ACC in particular and the rest.

Then a frantic ESPN staffer ran up to the table to let Vitale know that we were only a few minutes before tipoff of the next game – prompting his explosion.

A few years later, I had another brush with fame – this one more direct, in the form of an interview with author John Grisham, who just so happens to be one of my favorite writers.

“So … why nothing about baseball?” I asked him at one point, picking out one of his loves, the national pastime, and getting a scoop in the process when he let me know about a movie project that he was working on involving little league baseball.

Ahem – so I handled that one better than I did the rendezvous with Dick Vitale.

My job being what it is these days, I’ve had additional opportunities to talk to famous people – the comedian Carrot Top, who was remarkably low-key, given his on-camera persona; the actor Aaron Ruell, known for his supporting role in the cult classic “Napoleon Dynamite.”

I more than held my own in both of those situations – from my reckoning, anyway.

And so we come back to Waynesboro yesterday – and how I was reduced to being pretty much a star-gazer for the better part of an afternoon.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a good sign, for what it’s worth.

It’s healthy to be able to tap into that inner child that gets nervous around celebrities from time to time, after all.


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