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New law banning cosmetic animal testing takes effect in Virginia

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A new law banning cosmetic animal testing in Virginia took effect Jan. 1.

Introduced by Del. Kaye Kory, the new law also bans cosmetics manufacturers from importing new cosmetic products that were tested on animals. Beginning July 1 of this year, cosmetic companies will be prohibited from selling new products in Virginia that were tested on animals.

“Since the death of my long-time friend Ben — a rescued dog that I was fortunate enough to be able to invite into my family — I have thought deeply about the roles animals play in our lives and the roles we play in their lives,” Kory said. “I made a pledge to Ben that I would honor his memory by exploring all avenues to end animal cruelty in the Commonwealth, and it is with great joy that I welcome the Humane Cosmetics Act into law. I want Virginians to feel confident buying make-up without worrying whether that product was tested on a rabbit or guinea pig. I’d like to thank Senator Boysko for carrying this legislation in the Senate and all the animal advocacy groups who worked in partnership with me to make this bill a reality.”

Kory, who founded the Animal Welfare Caucus in 2018, has been working to pass this law since 2016. Last year, she received an award from Cruelty Free International for her work on the bill. She has also received awards from the Humane Society and PETA for her work to protect animals.

Virginia is one of just eight states with such a law.

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